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  1. Hey all. Recently picked up a Solo and it happens to be a m1c1, without reading much online I was finding that anything other than 7 really doesn't give much vapor (even 7 it's not very thick). I found it odd and started searching forums then noticed other people posting about the same thing with this model code.
    I see these videos of guys vaporbonging and getting pretty decent milks! I'll go 2 back to back 12 minute sessions with one stem at 7, getting light vapor throughout until it completely stops producing and my ABV is just slightly darker. No where near dark brown.. which I would assume 2 full back to back 12 minute sessions would be no?
    My grind isn't powder but it's pretty fine, I don't pack it very tight but fill it all up. I have the pvhes gong with the f-bomb and even on a 15+ second pull I can't seem to get a good big cloud. I'm sort of at a loss... i'm obviously new to the Solo and my only other vape experience is with a volcano. So it very well could be something i'm missing.. but it doesn't help to hear the only people saying they have this issue also happen to have a m1c1. That really feels like my only issue with it, it doesn't appear to be running hot enough.
    My thought was 2 full sessions to the shutoff with the water tool would definitely make the ABV real dark but nope. Hell even the stock stem at 7 isn't harsh on the throat, I started with that until I got the fbomb. From what i'm reading most only go to 7 if through water. If i'm on 4-5 it's almost barely noticeable vapor.
    Nooooo idea what to do... coming from smoking bongs, the main thing i'm after is decent vapor production. I don't seem to be getting what others show in videos. Wondering if it's me or the unit...
    Any advice appreciated!

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    Just got this vapor today and yeah, its very little cloud not even close to a bong. I've red reviews and vaporizers seem to produce little and very thin smoke. I think it will do the job though.
  3. my buddy has this, try taking long, slow, drags like you're sipping a thick milkshake, you be able to get nice cloudage off of it  :smoke:
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    Yea I don't expect the same as smoking a bong. But from videos on youtube of people using the Solo through a small bubbler they get those milking pretty thick.. not sure how they do that.
    I'll try pull slower!
  5. contact the company and tell them your m1c1 solo is not getting up to proper temperatures, see what they will do for you
  6. Ya, it should be a big cream hit when up to temp. Remember it's not smoke, it's vapor. I've had the Solo since Sat, haven't put it down.
  7. 4 or 5 tend to give me the best clouds,ensure the bowl is fluffy, and give it a slow pull.  Ive seen people do massive clouds with vaporizers but I assume its because they are combusting materials or are gods at milking. 

    its not smoke, its warm, moist air that contain microscopic materials
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    Try this, grind up your bud just once, not too finely. Set your Solo to level 3 and wait till it heats up. Once it is at level 3, then place the weed packed stem, don't pack it too tight, into the solo and wait 1 minute. Then take a 20-30 second hit. Do that a few more times and then up to level 5. There should be 1-2 alright tasting hits left. If ypu star at 5 imstead of 3, you will get a huge cloud first hit. Was hitting my solo while typing this lol, I fucking love the thing, I can lock my door and do it in my room and it barely smells, parents never know.
  9. The key is adding too screens to make the bowl smaller. Dome one screen and place a flat one on top of that to make the bowl smaller and push the herb more against the stainless steel heating area. I found once i did this it sort if utilized the convection/and conduction of the vape. On 7 i get near smoke like vapes. Never close to combustion tho

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  10. Like bervillefreak said, if you want big clouds you got to start using more of the conduction part of the vape. Dont be afraid to pack your bowls to the brim. 
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    Yea I think my unit is definitely not heating up to the proper temp. I pack the bowl full (not tight) and it's dry. Set it to 7 and wait about 2 min (it gets to 7 in 30 seconds which seems too fast). I can get about 10 small sized hits off it at 7 before it turns off. The herb looks light tan but no more vapor will produce. It seems like my 7 is more like most solo's 4-5…. on 4-5 for me I get basically nothing.
    I also picked up a Pax recently as well and tried that, first try that thing kicked my ass. Had to have it on the lowest setting and was still getting good vapor clouds and after several good hits the herb was a dark brown. So that convinced me my Solo is acting up.. I should be able to get at least similar clouds on solo from level 7. The Pax flavor is definitely not as good so I want to get my Solo working right.
    I contacted the headshop I got it from in town and they said all I can do is contact Arizer and send it back under warranty. Not happy with that solution… not going to that shop again.
    So I guess contacting Arizer is next step.

  12. I feel the same way as you about not much visible smoke, but I feel it. I guess thats whats matter. And yeah, you need to deal with Arizer, unless it's returnable and get your money back.

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