Just got the Arizer solo, quick question...

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  1. So I just got the Solo and have it plugged in for charging, right now the idle light is on, the green light is flashing on the arizer, and the level 1 light is also rapidly flashing, no other lights are on. Is that supposed to be happening, with the level 1 light rapidly flashing?

  2. Don't worry, it's normal.
    You'll see the other lights follow suit soon. That just tells you how much you've charged. Eventually all the lights will be lit and the green one will stop flashing. Then it's fully charged.
    Enjoy :)
  3. Yup I just started noticing that, the level 1 is solid and now level 2 is flickering. Cannot wait to use this thing, I hope it gets me high cuz I hate smoking now, just screwing up my lungs.
    I just bought myself a nice grinder and ground up a whole quarter ounce and used the freezing technique and also got myself a ton of kief! Cannot wait to use this vape!
  4. charge it a straight 6 hours before use, condition the battery so it lasts longer, cause why not? it's worth it
  5. Does this actually work? I was hoping to use it soon...
    Also, what's up with the whole aromatherapy sample, da fuq is that stuff?
  6. yeah it works, it's worth the wait, it's an expensive product, aromatherapy? hmm are those the little smelly things? think you vape em and it gets rid of the smell, I got an silver surfer vaporizer being shipped to me as we speak :D i think they have them, what do they look like?
  7. Here's a pic of the stuff I got with my Solo...
  8. Here's another question...
    When using the arizer, how does the whole weed process work? Like after I pack it in, how do I know when the stuff is gone and need to put more stuff in?
  9. You will know. You will get very little vapor and it will taste burnt. A bit like burnt popcorn.

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  10. you can beyond that, I usually can go a round on 4 and get amazing tasting vapor, do another full cycle on 7, and one more on 7. I woudlnt say the third round seems to do much but its still enjoyable, and good enough to be abv for me. I estimate that it would take 4-6 full rounds on 7 to totally spend all canabinoids.
  11. I swear my weed is all brown in like 1 draw, it makes no sense. It is very finely ground up, maybe that has something to do with it? Like I keep exhaling vape but that shit is brown. How brown can it get, is it supposed to be brown that fast?
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    How is it? Planning on ordering this portable vape. Is it worth the price? Seems like it is the best portable vape on market atm. True?
  13. I have owned the Solo for 3 months and I haven't found anything to complain about. The only thing is the stem comes a bit loose but its not a big deal just get an o ring off PV and it will stay tight forever.
    Deff worth your money
  14. I'm sure that in the beginning, due to laws outlawing vaporizers in different states and country's that it was included with the little glass bowl to get around such laws.
    And they will probly keep. Doing it till its legal world wide.
    Avertised as aroma therapy, but can't help what it's used for once it leaves thier building....
    Just got mine today
  15. Yes turning brown is normal. Vape until you get little/none (mine is usually dark brown by then)


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