Just got the arizer solo..have some questions

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  1. Is it ok to leave the glass stem in all the time?
    How can I check battery charge?
    Whenever I'm hitting it the heating light or battery light blinks, is this normal?
    What is the best packing method to get thick clouds?

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    Yes you could leave the glass stem in I guess if you wanted too. While its on tough it will get hot and constantly heat your bud while its on, but I dont know how bad of a thing that really is.
    When you turn the unit on it will flash the batter level on the LEDs before the blue idle light comes on. Obviously 7 lights is fully charged and 1 light is about to die(all though I have heard other reports that 1 light left really isnt close to fully discharging the battery). edit- Also when the unit is plugged in it will show the battery level.
    Yeah its normal for that light to blink while you are hitting it
    Try putting a screen in the stem and pack it down fairly tight and you should be able to get clouds even on some of the lower settings like 3 or 4.
  3. thanks for the feedback I just put my Da Vinci screen in the stem with grinded herb it works a lot better
  4. this arizer solo is almost perfect, lacks being able to vaporize while charging. other than that, everything is perfect.
    I disagree, the charging port could be in a different place (makes you buy more things just to keep the thing upright while it charges if you roll that way), and the stem wiggles from side to side. Not to mention when you use it enough the stem slides out easily, but that's easily fixable with an o-ring.
  6. I have heard that there is an adapter for using it while charging. 
    I have the Solo for 8 moths and I am quite satisfied. But I succeed (dont know how) to destroy the battery. Need an extra one. 
    Can anybody help  and advise about the correct charging and/or replacement?
    The PA does not allow it to charge while using, it allows you to bypass the battery to use the heater from an outlet. It's a very weird design, but it allows for simplification of the internals. If you've had it for 8 months, the battery is covered by warranty and you can send it back to whoever you bought it from and they can warranty it for you.
  8. Thanks for the answer, but I miss something here... If its not indented  for use when charging, then whats the real usage of this adaptor?
  9. The adapter effectively turns the solo in to a plug in style vape for when you dont need portability so you dont have to use your battery.
  10. Thanks all of you!

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