just got sum goodies :)

Discussion in 'General' started by thisisnotreal, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. my homeboy just brought me 3 percocet, 3 darvaset & 3 oxycottons. i have a case of natty ice in the fridge too. tonight should be awesome!

  2. Natty and percs.....my favorites!
  3. sounds like a good night.

    i'm picking up an ounce in hopefully the next hour.

    what is darvaset, i've never heard of it?
  4. darvaset is like a stronger percocet. haha i forgot to mention, i've been smoking straight kief all day and have plenty left at home (no bud as i'm currently dry)
  5. What mg oc?
  6. stole the words outta my mouth motion
  7. I jacked yo shit.
  8. I had darvocet for a couple surgeries, its pretty fun. Got a real high tolerance to though and never looked for it anywhere.
  9. yeah you did lil bitch
  10. darvocet takes too long to kick in for me, gotta love that oxy though.
  11. i wanna say they are all 500 something mg's
  12. o i thought u meant oxycontin...yeah those are oxycodone
  13. 500 mg oxycotins? You sure you don't got perc 500mg acetamiophen/5mg oxycodones? The highest mg oxycotin is 160 but pretty rare. 80's are usually the highest.
  14. he meant they were oxycodone..you know oxys...thats what he meant motion
  15. well i know the percs are 500, the oxys are weird, they are pink and white?
  16. whatever they are, i'm going to take them and get fucked up! haha. :p
  17. Darvocets suck. Lamest prescription painkiller available. And if you got real percs they have 5mg of oxycodone and 325mg of tylenol. Those are the only dosages available for percs.
  18. i like davecets take 4
  19. dude i only have 3
  20. 3 will be fine..are they red horse pills?

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