just got stabbed

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  1. Well today i was walking home from downtown and i was about to go to the park to roll myself a doobie. So i pass these kids n one of em grabs me by my sleeve n asks me where im from (i was really stoned at a time, it was really dark 6:00pm, there was about 5 of them) im like wtf :S, he tells his buddy to shank me so the guy stabs me in the left butt cheek for some reason it didn't hurt that much (i thought it was a taser, cause i didnt see a hole in my coat) i ran home and on the way it started to hurt like a bitch. After i jus called an ambulance.

    Morale of the story: guys don't take shortcuts/walk by lane ways when it dark, be careful there are enough fucked up people out there.
  2. What the fuck? That's fucked up on another level man. I don't give a fuck how big they were, I would have hit him with a good right hook then ran like a bat outta hell. Fuck people that do that kind of shit for no reason. There isnt a moral to this story man, that was not your fault in any way man. Fucken pussy ass bitches. Hope your ass feels better man.
  3. Dude thats messed those kids are mental no one needs people like that on their town thats brutal but why did he stab you in the ass ?
  4. well my clothes is kinda baggy n i guess he wanted to stab me in the kidney i had a big coat too. i just put my coat on in front of the mirror n yeah he did wanted to stab me in the ribs or kidney.
  5. dude using any kind of weapon in a fight is pussy as fuck, man that's gay, esp. since there were like 5 of them
  6. Who says 'shank' unless they are in prision...

  7. iunno man
  8. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Dude I just cracked up for like 15 minutes to this, sorry u got stabbed inyour butt cheek but that is damn funny.[​IMG]
  9. Fuck, people are out of this world, it's just to fucked up, stab a guy because he doesnt respond, here we say pardon.
  10. Wow

    You should call the cops, get those guys sent to prison, then they'll be the ones getting stabbed in the ass ;)
  11. gettin stabbed in the ass is harmless the guy who stabbed u prolly didn wanna make a critical wound so he stabbed u in ur ass which is mostly fat so i consider that nice and merciful.
  12. Yeah, he's a real humanitarian
  13. some ppl jus get involved in shit they cant get out of
  14. God Why Is The World Full Of Dick Heads Like That ,if He Had Stabbed You In The Wrong Place You Could Be Dead Now ,for No Reason At All.people Like That Need Burnt In Public On A Saturday Morning.
  15. Clearly if i had gotten stabbed i would post it on a internet message board instead of calling the cops or making sure i remember what the person who stabbed me looked like.

    Yeah...seems logical and all
  16. That's some fucked up shit man, i hope your ass feels better (no pun intended).

    Bad karma man...he'll get what's coming to him. :D
  17. That's so random, and that must suck. I must say stuff like that doesn't happen where I live I'd be scared shitless if I was just in a sketchy situation like that let alone having some one pull a knife on me. Hope your ass heals!
  18. Maybe a n*gga dont wanna create problems, cuz of where he lives. He might not wanna have problems for snitchin to the cops. He has to look after his family too, if thats the situation at hand. And calling the cops might create some of those problems.

    But thats some hood-mentality homie, I hope your ass heals, haha.

    You gotta find out who that was tho!!!
    Comeback is a mu'fucka.
  19. treal talk. but then again, snitchin never crosses my mind. that's the hood mentality.
  20. If I was you dog Id go there with a piece or a fuckin samurai sword and prove them that fuckin with certain people will cost you an arm or a leg, maybe both :smoking:

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