Just got some new stuf :D.

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  1. So for a long time I just had an old pipe that my brother left me and a cheap old bong.

    Now my birthday is on Sunday and I'm getting together with some friends tomorrow to smoke it up and I decided it was time I got me some new gear.

    So I went with one of my friends to a store he knows and got me a nice glass pipe and a bong. They aren't top notch quality but they were cheap and I really like them, and I just wanted to share a couple of pics of them. Hope you guys enjoy.

    EDIT: lul wrong pic link.

    First it's a pic of both pieces together.


    Then one of the pipe alone.


    Finally one of the bong alone.

  2. Lookin good :)
  3. Just broke in the glass pipe. Feels good man.
  4. Bit of a late update but by now I have used both new pieces and after using them both I feel like the pipe does a much better job than the bong. I mean they are both nice but the pipe just seems to have that kick which the bong lacks
  5. Nice pieces, I'm in the same situation you were in man, its about time I go get a new piece. Btw my bud has the same pipe, it is a kick ass pipe; rips your head off.

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