just got some new shit

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  1. got me some Jewish holiday yesterday, let me tell you this is some bomb shit, message me
  2. the fuck?
  3. Get teh fuck outta here..
  4. yup smoking it right now
  5. what a worthless thread...
  6. good afternoon officer
  7. No im saying get the fuck off the forum.
  8. Inb4. And at least op's user name is subtle.
  9. ahh i got me that ramadan haze yesterday, some of that christmas kush ma niq, some of that sticky icky shabat shit
  10. I'm blazing on Kwanza Kush right now.
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    Hell yea I'm blazin on some shit-faced-dogshit right now its damm good I'm higher than a dead fish
  12. lol i don't think you understand the game buddy
  13. hanukkah hydro up in this bitch

    fuck your jewish holiday
  14. I just got some Yakima Young buds. And some Hanukkah Haze.
    Everyone say hello to the...