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just got some kid retarded high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thekeeftheif, May 26, 2010.

  1. so these kids i use to be good friends before senior year called me to smoke. they happened to be with one of my best friends actually, who was the one who called and asked to smoke as well, they said they had cash for me... so of course i rolled over there haha. anyways we smoke two small bowls of GDP... with keef on it (they gave me 20 bucks for this smoke out, so i felt i could afford to use all my keef on em). anyways, one of them gets just a solid sttoned state and he's good, the other took 3 FAT hits and was just geekin, and my good good friend was saying he wasn't feeling much. i had already smoked so i didn't hit it but twice, i wanted to make sure they got high... since they payed me afterall. anyways, i hook my buddy up with a lil more keef outta my grinder i scraped together and it made a solid 2-3 hits for him. and that plus a resin hit did him justice. anyways the kid who took the fat hits is just retarded high and here was the problem: my friends mom is coming home in a little. so the one kid whos just stoned rolls out, so it's just me, my good buddy whos now groovin (but is in complete control), and this bro who is just BAKED.. cracking up at everything, seeing shit... god. I didn't need the stress of thinking i could get busted cuz of this kid today! anyways, i had to go home for dinner with the family, but god. i hope that guy just shuts up and keeps control when my friends mom gets home... i don't feel like having some angry mom calling me because i got their dumbass kid high off his ass.
  2. I just like the title, I'll read it later, :smoke:.
  3. even if his mom did call...who cares what some kids mother thinks!!
  4. Haha, well, it happens. Whenever I get ridiculously baked I just go somewhere public. As long as you're not being obnoxiously lous or harassing people, nobody should give you any problems, even if you are laughing your ass off at every fire hydrant you pass.

    For now though, I wouldn't worry. I'm sure your friend has a good head on his shoulders and will get that other guy out of his house if he's acting too stupid when his mom gets home.
  5. shit man, Sounds like how I got the other day, got ahold of some dank bud after a two week t-break. I couldn't stand up right I was so fucking baked. :D Those times are great, but only once in a while.
  6. #6 thekeeftheif, May 26, 2010
    Last edited: May 26, 2010
    my parents would be pissed. they won't be so keen on letting me live at home tokin (they know i smoke and do not care) if i'm going around gettin' everyone else stoned at other houses.

    *edit* my buddy just texted me saying he's pretty baked and so is the other guy, but he isn't geeking as hard and the situation should be under control fo sho.

    i'm stressin' a little less now hhaha

  7. Smoke a bowl and chill if he tells just say what do you mean he brought the weed. And just keep saying you didnt bring it.
  8. I enjoy getting people beyond blasted and watching them try to hang with me. Especially ones who claim to smoke all day everyday :)
  9. me too haha.

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