Just got smoked out by lil Wayne!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Reppin 713, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Jokes.

    But seriously I had a prettyweird night yesterday. First me and about 5 other friends got pretty stone and were driving to randalls which is a grocery store and then I shit you not this black kid with an afro, Tracy McGrath jersey, air force ones, and those stupid Jean shorts that go to your ankles hit a fucking lady cop then bolted across the street about five feet infront of our car which caused a shot ton of high kids to start screaming, the kid then jumps a fence to the baseball field to the highschool and takes off running: and this is about 11pm then there was about 6 cop cars around and a fucking helicopter.

    We then proceeded to my friends house to play xbox and on the way my ***** Marshall spit the greatest free style of all time. We got to my friends house and then decided to system link xbox and play 3v3 halo 2 so we got my xbox from my house and were trying to plug it into my friends tv for literally 2 hrs. Picture 6 high as fuck kids trying to plug in an xbox and we got it plugged it in but the fucking picture wouldn't work and we were dumbfounded for 2hrs just sitting trying to figure out what to do and then we realized the switch on the xbox was on hd not regular tv haha.

    Yes I know I am one crazy motherfucker.
  2. wow bro, seems like you partook in some pretty potent cannabis flowers, bro.
  3. Bro what are you talking about I don't do that shit, you know it kills and makes your brain mush right? Bro
  4. Haha only on weed forums.
  5. Brooooooo.... I'm so high brooooo....
  6. Its errywhere lol.. Only acceptable here tho :smoke:
  7. LMFAO!!

    Shit just sounds like gold when you're high.:smoke:
  8. Yeah, you wish.
  9. 100 views in like 7.5 minutes? L0l at you kids

  10. Fixed.
  11. I thought you were serious, there was a Wayne concert last night that a couple of my friends went to. I'm personally not a fan of his, didn't want to pay for some squeaky ass man voice.
  12. I saw "Jokes" and then didn't read.
  13. Lol you mean a Tracy McGrady jersey?
  14. [​IMG]

    ^^^Tracy McGrath, anybody need a house in Cambridge Ontario?
  15. ha to this thread
  16. Lulerskates
  17. i'd rather get stoned, go to randalls, and play xbox with my friends than smoke with lil wayne
  18. Threads like this are the reason I come here! Lmao!
  19. Wha t the fuck

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