Just got semi/ busted!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by toking247, May 28, 2010.

  1. Me and 2 friends were toking up at a school on some nug and the cops came up, my 2 friends had shit on them and i didnt and the cop was like ur free to go now, but u mite get arrested latr we dont no now. so do they have anything on me and can they arrested me in the future??

    the one kid was underage and my other friend was 19 n i was 18,
  2. thats funny but does anyone know if i can get in any trouble cuz this shit would be not cool
  3. pretty sure you cant post cock here...

    even if you could.....why?

    OP dont worry man, they dont have shit on you.
  4. i thought this was about you having a Semi-Boner and getting busted by your mom, who possibly hates boners?

    but yeah, you got fuckin lucky son, you should be happy.

    hahaha oh shit i just fucking noticed that, ahahhaha

  5. I thought it was going to be about him getting hit by a truck

    Not going to ask what all this cock talk is about
  6. they don't have anything on you OP....

    just chill, i missed the cock whatever the fuck that was about....
  7. wrd it dont matter that i told the cop that i only took one hit?
  8. nah you can tell cops you smoke or smoked as long as you don't have any on you...
  9. good shit i aint trying to have cops at my crib
  10. They got nothing on you and you can't possibly get in trouble in the future , they were probably fucking with you.

    next time don't admit to anything btw Lol.
  11. i was gonna say no, but i was fuking stoned and he could kina tell and i knew he was gonna give me a drug test if i said no so i was like i only took 1 hit
  12. They don't have shit on you. If you didn't have anything on you and they didn't walk up on you in the act then there's nothing they can do. However since you were on school property the school might be able to do something to you. The school doesn't follow the same rules the cops do, they could suspend/expel/whatever you just for being with them. Kinda dumb smoking on school property, and in the future should be completely avoided.
  13. the deleted post was a pic of some dude kneeling down, and his cock was showing lol.

  14. lol..wtf
  15. yeah dude you're definately 18.....you sound like it, and sure seem to act like it in the situation you were supposedly in...

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