just got seeds

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  1. got 3 seeds 30min ago, put them in a plastic baggy with a damp paper towel and sealed the bag half way.
    where should i keep them? under a light? or..

  2. in a dark drawer where no possible light is going to hit it
  3. ahh nevermind, should've read the pinned germination article first, sorry
  4. Keep them in a dark closet for about 24 hours. Check them. If nothing has happened, no tap root started, leave them be for another 24. Make sure the paper towel is wet, but not excessively so. Good luck and let us know.
    Did you order the seeds or get them from someone? If it's your first order received, congrats to you. It's a feel good when those seeds arrive via the postal.
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    Honestly, stick 'em anywhere that's about 70 degree farenheit. Keep them damp with a mister, check once at the end of each day for a taproot. When a taproot sprouts out, transplant seed directly into a seed starter cube or soil, etc.
  6. bought them from my dealer :D

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