Just Got seeds A few Germination questions.

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  1. In the past I have sat my seeds in paper towels and have set them on my router. But now I have GOOD seeds and I spent GOOD money on them so I want this to go easy. I have a heating mat that runs 80-82 degrees. So my question is what is the best germination temp and what is the max. Also what humidity is best for seedlings and what temp is best for seedlings and what is the max temp for seedlings? BTW I got Barney's farm LSD and Green House Seed Co. Super Lemon Haze. :smoke:

    I tried to upload some pics but Grasscity wont let me right now.
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    I would put them in wet paper towels, then the towels in a small plate or flat bowl then cover that with saran wrap then place it on top of the fridge. My router gets really hot and its also my only internet connection I wouldn't want the condensation or something to get on the router. The top of the fridge seems just right temperature wise for germination. Because the bowl absorbs some of the heat it maintains a nice humidity because the water isn't escaping because of the saran wrap.

    I picture I attached shows after 24s using the bowl fridge method I have going right now.

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  3. I'm new at this, but a question- if you already have something that you know has worked well for you in the past, why change things up and risk it? Especially with expensive seeds.... For me, my router is nice and warm but the top of my fridge is completely cool.
  4. I just want to know what the best conditions are so I can make sure I have them. I also want to compile all the best temps for every cycle of the plant and hang in my room so I don't forget.:smoke:
  5. exactly. Whatever method you use that is successful, use it.

    When i was practicing on bags seeds, I used wet paper towel, ziplock baggie, and a towel, and put in a drawer below my tv.

    When i got good seeds I used wet paper towel, ziplock baggie, and a towel, and put in a drawer below my tv.

    I am 100% so far on my ordered seeds. (Was about 80% with the bagseeds).

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