Just got rolls for the first time

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    It's a pink pill with an x5 imprint. Just got a few questions.

    First, how should I take it?

    Secondly, I heard drinking soda with it will destroy the effects. Is this true? If so, if I already drank soda but won't drink anymore is that fine?

    And thirdly, any good song reccomendations?

    And has anyone tried this kind? Anyone know what's it has in it?
  2. Drink whatever you want man.

    Songs for myself would be anything in the florida breaks genre. Youtube Fl Breaks and give it a listen
  3. Just drink enough water to not get thirsty. Unless you're raving or something, you won't need that much water.
  4. Would it be safe to snort some morphine on this shit.
  5. Firstly, snorting Morphine is stupid. The bio-availability sucks when insufflated. If anything, plug it. Ha. Sounds weird, but you might as well.

    Although, I highly suggest against taking the Morphine at all, because mixing uppers and downers can put a big strain on your heart. Play it safe. The MDMA will have you feeling good enough, both mentally and physically.
  6. Well I swallowed a roll like 40 minutes ago and I still feel nothing, is that normal? And I don't plug shit or shoot it up, so it's swallow morphine, parachute it, or snort it. And the bio-availability is best out of those three when I snort it.
  7. If your pill is good there will be no need :)

    personally I wouldn't mix MDMA with opiates, especially for a first time.
  8. Alright, thanks for the advice. Should I smoke a few bowls? Or save them for the comedown or is the comedown not too bad? And when will this stuff kick in?
  9. I took it an hour ago, by swallowing the pill, and I still feel nothing. Does it usually take longer then this?
  10. The longest it's ever taken me was an hour. Before ingesting the pill, was your stomach full? Are you listening to music right now, or just sitting down?
  11. I'm just sitting down playing some Modern Warfare 2. Should I turn up some music and start moving around? Maybe smoke a bowl? And my stomach was somewhat full, especially of liquids.
  12. Definitely turn up some music. Maybe move around a little. Try smoking a little bit, that could help.
  13. Music's up, packing a bowl of some skunk ass AK. I really hope this shit works or I'll be so pissed. Wish me luck, I'll keep you guys updated on how I'm feeling.
  14. Should be kicking in by now if not its prob bunk.
  15. I'm feeling happy, awake, and feel like moving around a little but that might be placebo/bud.

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