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  1. ok so i called a guy who i dont usually get my stuff from. i got to the stop and called saying "dude is there somewhere i can meet you cos im just hanging around". he said ill be there i saw a call come on a moped and he came and said what you doing?i said waiting for a friend. he said give me some money or ill stab you. i said i aint got none he tried to search me i then tried to ride my bike away and said im going to meet some one. he then then tried grab me who i road on. he road up against me and tried grab me and knock me off in the end i got to a public place where i couldn't get stabbed or he would he seen. people saw him trying to rob me but they did nothing. in the end i ended up giving £20 to him cause i "broke his bike" when i picked him away from me when he was trying to get me. 
    so my dealer calls me 15min later saying "you ok? did that guy on the bike rob you?" i said yes and explained what happened. he then replied the same guy tried asking if my dealer was going to meet some one ect". i said to the dealer you should have called me or text me to go somewhere else. this wouldn't have happened if i wasn't hanging around in a spot.
    i know who the guy is  thats the crazy thing i played basketball with this guy like 2 months ago and he was talking to me and was actually ok. i recognised a tattoo on his neck thats how i knew who he was. i dont know if i should tell my parents what happened or not. no one knows what happened yet now i dont know if should smoke weed any more and the fact the guy did that dont mean he will try it again.

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    lol happens bro
  3. Dudes on a moped, said give me money or I'll stab you, it may just be a texas thing, but I would have just layed into him, especially if no one else was doing anything about it.
  4. Sorry but this is why I'm happy to live in America where I can own a gun
  5. I an would of fucked him up an stole his moped an sell it to a crack head.
  6. I an would of fucked him up an stole his moped an sell it to a crack head.
  7. i can understand anything in this thread.
    Uh huh. I'm pro gun myself, but your gun would get you in some deep doodoo in this case. You were going to a drug deal with a gun. You are fucked anyway you look at it. Doesn't matter if you are defending yourself. You would be torn apart by the attorneys.
  9. Why the hell would you want to tell your parents haha. Your a big boy. Step up for yourself. 
    Just carry some protection. 
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    Lol, I think he passed it on to you. Lol, just kidding I know this was a typo. it just made me giggle lol .

    Well its a good thing you recognize this dude. You'll probably see him at that basketball court again. Besides, He probably didn't recognize you from there, if I was you I would use that to my advantage.
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    I stopped reading after he got up to the moped part HOW DO YOU GET ROBBED IN A PUBLIC PLACE BY A GUY ON A MOPED?. Just wait in the same spot tomorrow and have the heater on you and you decide his fate if he tries to rob you again

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  12. Did the thought ever cross your mind "Maybe i should kick this guy in the dick?"
    Protect your shit dude, i bet your dealer was in on it too and get this, the guy that robbed you fucking KNEW you and that didn't stop him, you must have a bad reputation for being a..You know. 
  13. There's alot of things to pick on from the OP but I don't even feel like doing it. I will say just from the little info provided, it sounds like the dealer was in on it... What a busch league ass caper though.
    So it seems that in the time I've spent not frequenting the forums RLS hasn't missed a beat, ha.
  14. Sorry man.

    But come on. The dealer was in on it. If a guy on a moped in a public place said he was going to stab me I would tell him to piss off also.

    And tell your parents? That sums up this story pretty well right there.
  15.  thats what i was wondering what could your parents do you couldent do yourself
  16. I noticed you put a pound sign instead of adollar sign.  England? Get a hurling stick and good hunting...nah. Chalk it up to not following your instincts, and learn from that experience. And don't scare your folks.
  17. ok so i called a guy who i dont usually get my stuff from
  18. That's pretty embarrassing to get robbed by a loser on a moped. Damn you shouldn't tell anyone

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