just got robbed by a "friend"...

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  1. Well i just got robbed by someone who was apparently pretending to be my friend or something? :confused: I have chilled and smoked with this kid a bunch of times and bought shit from him and his hookups too. (He showed me some of the best hookups in town) Then he calls me up and says yo i got some really fire trees and i was like alright ill buy it so i met him somewhere. Then we traded at the same time trees for money (weve done this several times before and i thought he was my friend so i didnt think i would need to inspect the bud before handing him the money...i never even thought for a second he would rob me) and immediately after giving me the bag he floors it outta there. :mad::mad:

    Im fuckin pissed but thankfully it was only 50 dollars... Although it was the last of my money for awhile seeing as I dont have a job (currently trying to get one). Anyways what should I do? Approach him at school tomorow or something? Im planning on slashing his tires or something to get even, but I dont want him finding out it was me and doing something like that back to my car. Suggestions?
  2. Obviously he'll know it was you.. But I'd do it.
  3. Confront him in person and if he doesn't give you the money back then fight him. Whether you win or lose just forget about it and move on in the end.
  4. He's an idiot for robbing you and knowing that he'll have to face you tomorrow. You're and idiot if you let him get away with it. Naw, but seriously handle up on him. If you're too scared, grab your boys and handle up and get him for whatever he has on him. Spade for a spade.
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    I think I'm missing the point, but you didn't say about how he ripped you off, just that he ran off. What was wrong with the bud?

    Was there not as much as you paid for? Was it shwagg? Oregano?

    You got SOMETHING in the bag, and if you got SOMETHING that isn't worth slashing his tires. Just talk to him about it tomorrow.
  6. bro i had the exact same thing happen to me like real talk the same i wanted to beat his ass with a tennis racket or put diesal in his 4weeler maybe something like that the great people of grasscity advised me to count it as a loss and move on i did and like 2 weeks latter he got shot in the back and robed he is ok now but carmas a bitch not to mention he is in so much trouble hahahahaha fuck him thieves are scum!

  7. yeah dude. if it was some beasters or even mids or sonthin, not worthin dopin anything dumb. but what/how did he rip you off?
  8. Man you cant let people push you around. you should tell him you want your money back and if he says no push him around a little bit, let him know whats up.
  9. just shoot him. That always works. Just make sure you tie him up first and go for the knee caps first. Reservoir Dogs style man
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    Sorry i forgot to put this part. It was literally grass, dirt, and purple flowers... I obviously knew it was fake within like .2 seconds of looking at it but he was already speeding away...motherfucker

    Edit: Also he is a lot bigger then me...Although I am way more aggressive he has way more size then me that's why I dont know if I should go up to him. And it's weird because even though he's big he doesnt have an aggressive personality at all, well at least he used to be so chill. I hate low lifes like this that give stoners a bad rep...
  11. If you slash a *****s tires you are a PUSSY. Go up to him, let him know you know he ripped you off, and either you physically harm him or you just learned a $50 lesson.
  12. Corner him alone with a bunch of your boys n rough him up a bit. Tell him if he doesn't pay you back on 3 days, you'll put him in the hospital. Instant fucking respect.
  13. At least you got some weed. I got ripped off on some shrooms the other day. They were just culinary ones.
  14. I want to do this but I'm really really small for my age, and he's kinda big so I'm not sure how seriously he would take me. It sucks because I didn't get "ripped off" as in i got bad weed, i literally got nothing so thats a real fuck you.
  15. Count your losses, it's a shady business. Based on how he fucked you over, he'll end up getting his when he tries it on other people, and they aren't too forgiving. And for future references, do your business in HIS car, that way he has to pull it out & weight it out in front of you, it's hard to get ripped off this way unless you are a complete n00b.
  16. You dont have any friends to help you out? In times like that im glad i play football, everyone there has your back.
  17. it's funny how everyone on gc, when they see these kinds of threads, acts all hard and shit like "I'd go fuck him up"...when in reality, about at most 20% of you would actually do anything. haha. but whatever. do what you feel is necessary to get your cash back. but an eye for an eye and the whole world's blind, keep that in mind
  18. You should just write if off, and move on. Don't speak to him anymore. People get ripped off by their employers, families, the government, etc., and it's just a fact of life. It's only money. Just be more careful about who you deal with in the future. He'll get his. What goes around, comes around.
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    Qft, and +rep to you especially for the last part of the post, very true. I could get my boys on him but I'm trying to be realistic here which is why I posted in the first place, for advice from others. When I told my friends it was just 50 dollars (still a lot to me as I said before) they were pretty iffy on whether or not to make a huge scene out of it... So now im confused on what to do still :confused::confused:
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    Honestly, without lying to try and sound cool... I really would punch him in fucking throat... or pay someone to do it for me.

    Don't let people fuck with you, or you'll start to notice that everyone will start thinking they can get away with it.

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