just got robbed $1500, any ideas how to get that much in a week?

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  1. I am in such dismay I do not want to talk about the incident, but I do need to know if anyone has any ideas on how to get that type of money from other sources than selling drugs, stealing, a job, and chacha. I am desperate and any idea will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Dude. You pretty much just fucked yourself. I would rob someone back, or something man. But you said you dont wanna do that...
  3. sell your body!
  4. I agree. I wouldn't jack someone else, as that could get you in a shittier situation. My only idea is chalk it as a loss, get a loan, advance from employer, or get a job. Good luck.
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    Better yet, get a loan from your parents or a close friend or relative, someone that trusts you knowing you will pay them back. Easiest and safest way.
  6. Try putting some stuff on ebay, should be quick and painless.

  7. and lowest rate of interest

    DO NOT get a title/payday loan (300+ apr!!!)
  8. I'm sorry to hear about your loss. I would go around the house and find things that you no longer want or use, and sell them all on craigslist. Craigslist always comes through for me when I need money quick. Good luck!
  9. Still why did he get robbed first? and $1500 just don't fall out of mommy and daddys pockets lol, been there get a credit card and there ya go.
  10. jack that fool back
  11. Rob, Steal, Sell. Do whatever. who gives a fuck at this point.
  12. Prostitution! Or try donating plasma, you can at least make a little from this.

  13. good idea, it does cost to do that tho, but only a few bucks
  14. that sucks, i know someone that just got robbed 15 hundo
  15. Kick a door.
  16. Gay man whore. Dude I used to work with got $500 a night to do that at one of my managers clubs. Kid used to be cool until he came into work drunk and fought some customers .... and also before I found out he was a manwhore.
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    selling dope is the only thing i could think of but i wouldnt recomend that
  18. sell blood and semen
  19. thats the best way for sure.

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