just got ripped off.../:

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  1. alright, one of my homeboys called me and said wanna go half on a sack. so i gave him five he said ill be right back. and he went to get the sack. the guy we normally go to was out so he went to this other guy, he said give me the ten and ill go scale it. and never came back outside. and i know it might sound like he stole my money but i know he didnt because it happened to me withs that guy before...
  2. damn 5 dollars
  3. Sounds like a lesson learned....again...lol
  4. well sorry op for missing out on 5 bucks, but you should know never have someone just"go get it for you''
  5. also fish i love the sig +rep:p
  6. hit the block and get some of that good janky 125 a zone
  7. ripped off five dollars? why didn't you just call him

    or go to his house and be like what the fuck is up.. i've been waiting out here forever?

  8. aint nobody tryin to get shot nigguh... <---- my friend said
  9. So you come here to post about it, instead of going to put hands of fury on that chump for stealing from you? :mad:
  10. Ain't nobody got time for that
  11. just go knock on the dudes door and ask whats up, damn
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    $5 to find out you can't trust your homie.

    Believe it or not, that's a great deal.
    If anyone I know said that, regardless of the context, I would laugh my ass off.
  13. Two things: First, your "friend" sucks. Second, never let someone go get your shit for you. Even if he came back with the bag you can bet that he would've pinched it. At least it's only $5
  14. If I got ripped off I'd go beat their ass and if shit throws down over $5 bucks then I'm prepared to say I just beat your ass over $5 bucks so just think what would happen if this shit happens again.

  15. I don't think a dealer would risk his freedom for 15-20+ years over a dimebag.

    No matter how LOCO he might be.
  16. Hey, if he is willing to rip someone off for FIVE dollars, he might do anything.

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