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just got ripped off....huge

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by colorshow, May 26, 2009.

  1. been smoking for a couple years but new to these boards, im pissed off enough right now to motivate and make a first post..

    been buying high mids and baby dank from the same guy for a while. a new guy a friend told me i could trust offered me some kush tonight. he wanted 20 a g 60 an eighth but i got him down to 50 an eighth. sketchy neighborhood meet up so my dumbass trusted him and didn't weigh it out. i pull off the road to weigh it out and it's .9 fu***** grams!!!! he had it wrapped up so it felt heavy enough on first feel. called the guy back but he denied it and hung up.

    im a pretty easy going guy, not looking for a fight. but shit like that isn't cool. what makes the 420 friendly community cool in my opinion is the generosity and willingness to share with others. people like that give us free spirited folks a bad rep.

    sorry for the first post rant, hopefully more positive posts are soon to come.


  2. ..Prepare to be flamed for your ignorance. :(
  3. people get shot around here for that shit.. sry man, sounds like ur bro needs some talking to.

    as much as your instincts want to take over, no amount of weed is worth killing a man for. remember that. :smoking:
  4. sucks that happened to ya next time bring a scale make sure you have them weigh the sack infront of ya before you drive off and pass the dough =D
  5. 50 for .9 ouchhhh thats bad. Was it at least dank lol? I would have just scoped it before i drove off.
  6. wtf.are u blind?
    how u not no it was a small ass sacc.

    dude must of had it wrapped in a ball of tin foil then stuffed in a socc
  7. It will only ever happen to you once...

    I remember the time I got ripped off. I was 14 or 15 and, being a silly young kid, handed over $30 thinking, "well why wouldn't he give me bud if I paid him?". The man hopped on his bike and left faster than you can say bitchgotjacked!

    Unfortunate, yes, but now you've learned a valuable lesson.
  8. ya man i usually have it weighed out in front of me but just got lazy and stupid. first and last time that'll happen though.

    shit happens.
  9. i read this and was like damn that sucks
    but then i read your location and laughed my ass off

  10. haha i saw that too....It's not the "going" I'm worried about... but the "coming".
  11. Always look at the bud before you hand over the cash.

  12. dude my opinion on this whole thing is just stick to your normal dealer after all buying from the same dude for a long time leads to hook ups man :smoking:
  13. ha! i always catch some shit when i tell people where im from. sometimes to avoid an akward moment i just say dahlonega, ga. what can i say, i love cumming.

    your right about that shit only happening once. there's no reason not to weigh it out and make sure.

    im buying a new bubbler tomorrow if the local puff n stuff has any in stock, so ill make the best of the gram i got and pretend its worth $50.

    ya im not ditching the normal dealer but he only usually messes around with high mids and i was hoping to find a good hook-up for when im looking for something over par.
  14. you live and you learn, at least this time you know what to and what not to do. ive had this happen to me more than once actually i thought my friends would be friends and not rip me off but in the end i guess our friendship was able to have a price tag put on it.
  15. You know what man, that is like my buddy, he sells bud to these high school kids who don't know shit and now he's starting to sell to college kids, whoever, an ounce from him is for l ike 3/4 ounce, he doesn't weigh his stuff and I know he's going to get fucked up for it one day.
  16. my past guy didnt weigh his stuff out, i got a 20 and it looked short. before he gave more to me because we had chilled a few times before and i figured if i brought him business he would hook me up every once in a while but no, the bags just got shorter and short with more and more seeds and stems. then i got a 20 from him again another time this time my friend wanted it and that was the last time i got stuff from him. it urks me when they dont weigh things out even if it is only schwag, money is money...
  17. It's honestly the most obnoxious thing in the world to be waiting for a pickup and you open the bag to find seeds all over.
  18. yeah i went to buy a half yesterday for 55 and so i met up with the dude then weighed it out and it was only 8.6 and it was all shake so he threw me another quarter and then i got home and put it on my good scale and it was 19.5 g... so basically i got 19.5 for 55 cuz my scale was calibrated wayyyy off. i honestly didnt know my travel scale was fucked up but thats what he gets for giving me a short bag in the first place.

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