just got reall shitty news :(

Discussion in 'General' started by waterhurley, Apr 1, 2006.

  1. i just got some news that took my good day to shitty... my prom dates parents arent letting her go with me. this sucks. i was really excited and so was she and i really like her alot.

    the reason: her brother is my age and also a senior. hes gonna be there. and we only have senior proms in our school so its his only one... thats fuckign retarted. her parents are gay. grr......
  2. dammm man... that sucks...my proms soon too and havent asked any1 yet..

    what HS u go to in mass??
  3. Wait, she can't go because her brother is going?
  4. Well first things first. Get the girl out of the house. Then, find every appliance in the house that uses gas (Stove/oven, ... what else uses gas..? i dont know.) and turn them all on. In a room further away, light a candle.. and well... run. Or you could simply hack them up into small bits and put them into the chili mix at school, that always seems to get rid of people, I mean hell, you couldn't taste it anyways, school food sucks.

    I take no responciblity if you REALLY do either of my stupid ideas.

  5. haha you got april fooled
  6. you're a senior in high school and you joined GC in november 2003. You must be the oldest kid in your school...by like 2 years right? her parents probably just don't want her going to prom with a 6th year senior

    ok, i'll quit busting your balls now
  7. Or he joined when he was underage.... is that a bannable offense, even if he's 18 now?
  8. if he is 18 now than wats the crime
  9. Prom sucks.
  10. Back off, if he's 18 now theres nothing wrong.

  11. who gives a shit..hes 18 now and i bet thers more people like him on these forums who did the same thing
  12. i still dont understand the reason they wont let her go... my girl's prom is tonite too.
  13. So basicly her brother is a whiney little bitch that doesn't wanna have to see his sister at prom? Kick his ass so he is in the hospitol on prom night then take his sister out, problem solved
  14. northampton

    well because her brother is a senior and its his prom

  15. wtf that makes no sense i hate straight edge parents...thank GOD my girls parents think im a good little boy who frowns upon drugs and their users hahaha YA RIGHT but w/e man im sry that sucks but i still dont get why
  16. wher the hell is northhampton?? that out in western mass mor?? i think it is

  17. wait... so let me get this straight. The brother is taking his SISTER to prom??!?!?! Wow, I remember hearing a song that said I Took my mom to the prom and thought it was a joke. People really are that desperate and cant get a girl?? damn what has this world come to
  18. no dude, i think its cuz the brother doesnt want little sissy there...but thats gay as hell.

  19. i bet you read a lot of anarchist cookbook text files as a kid

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