Just got pulled over...

Discussion in 'General' started by suburbantoker, Feb 9, 2008.

  1. Got a "centerline violation" idk wtf that means but it should be easy to get out of because its snowing and i went around a vehicle that didn't move as far over as i would have liked into a turn lane. :cool: cop knew we were CHOPPED but just laughed cuz its cold it hink.
  2. I'm 90% sure you could fight and win that. Centerline violation means you went over the center line, which Im thinking must have been a straight line, not a dotted line. So basically a "No pass" area. but definately fight it homie.
  3. me too dude. i just got snagged about 20 min ago for blowin a red light. he just checked my licence and let me go so its all good for me.
  4. I got the cops called on me last sunday.

    Was super pissed at my work cuz they pulled some dumb bullshit on me and i had to stay late and we jus had this new E-Coli test bullshit starting that day by this stupid fuckin cunt (i have upmost respect for females) but shes a fuckin cunt. She failed me on like 5 thangs.

    Then every other time now ive had the real store director do the test and i pass with a breeze no problem.

    Thas how it should be.

    But anyways, I was super pissed about that and had to stay late to meet her fuckin standards because some parts of the room aient been cleaned in years, Like who cleans the fuckin garbage disposal on the reg? If it starts rankin clean it but fuck off fuckin bitch.

    So i hit the parking lot clockin out late, Turned my whip on, Threw the stereo up high as it can handle, Threw my windows down in middle of winter. Lit up a newport and fuckin floored it in reverse. Hit close to 40 in reverse, Threw it in a fuckin 180, Threw it in drive and busted outta there.

    This all in a semi-snowey parking lot.

    Already been hit with the snow plow cuz i get out late as fuck like 11:30 at night but it was still slushy so i slid my 180 perfect.

    Jus peeled outta there and seen in my rearview a bitch on a cellphone lookin at my whip like clalin the cops i thought so i busted outta there.

    Hit the main road home and at the interestction seen 2 cops fly towards where i was comin from and one eyed me slowly drivin by and i gunned it when he was outta site.

    Hit the nearest side street towards my crib and gunned it down them.

    Bout a minute later i seen flashin lights pass by on the street i came off still hitin the side streets.

    Almost to the crib then and parked the whiip in a abandons houses driveway across the street. Had no lights on while drivin down the sidestreets BTW.

    Parked it there and ducked in the crib and had no problems.

    Fucka cop.
  5. i dont knw why but that fucka cop thing made me laugh my ass off
  6. That sounds damn fun man....I've ran from the cops before.
  7. There is no way I can't get out of it... Wind was blowing, it was snowing, and I got a picture today that shows you can't even see the centerline... At least the cop was cool.
  8. Good way to keep life interesting, mayne :cool:

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