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JUst got pulled over WOW

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by DMX, Aug 14, 2012.

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  1. #1 DMX, Aug 14, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 14, 2012
    So im inforont my friends house he is leaning in the window ...and a cop drives past real slow... So we just act cool and soon as the cop turned the corner I booked it and he ran inside. Well Guesss I made the wrong turn or he just made a u turn and seen me speed off...

    I get stopped ( the stuff it between my balls, Only a 10 sack). He says he seen me and It was suspicious and that he seen me speed down some road.

    Then he Thought I was drunk!!!! i was " Slurring my words"... So I had to step out my car and do a few tests like abc's, count backwords, look at his pen with my eyes... Passed it all..

    Then the motherfuckers want to search my car... I said no. They asked me again, And I replied " Well what happenes If I DONT consent. They said they will tow my car give me fines and also get a warrent and search it anyway...

    Thannks God there was nothing in my car. They searched everywhere for about 20 minutes... And that shit about locked trunks and glove compartments is false..
    They searched my trunk with all my fishing gear dropping bobbers and tackle everywhere.

    Then I went back In my car and they let me go. Oh and the cop wouldnt shake my hand... fucking jerkoff.

    Oh what a night..... And Right before i left the house I was fighting with my parent about going to NA meeting for my drug use. This is too fucking ironic and crazy

    Edit: Also, i have gotton caught shoplifting last saturday and caught with opiates on monday last week. I cant believe this...

    I take this as a huge sign to stop doing what im doing.

    And to all you peeps out there who ever get stopped under suspicion... Eat your weed or shove it in your ass if you have a small enough amount. And DO consent to a search if there is nothing in the car, or if there is stuff in the car, fuck it, dont consent to a search they are towing the car and giving you a ticket then getting a warrent to go and search it. and then they will find your illegal substances.
    I guess god was just ooking out for me tonight. I would of been in jail if I was high in any way shape or form. Or if i had alot of bud on me.

    Mentioning other substances is not tolerated on GC - WW
  2. I think he lied to you about being able to tow your car away, honestly.

    I could be wrong though :confused:
  3. Possibly... But It was real suspicious he had every right to try and search my car. He drove past my car with my friend hangin in the window talking to me.. Thats fucking SUSPECT

    Oh and I also had the best Aliby(spelling?)..... I had like 2 dollars in quarters on my lap... so when i got pulled over I said i was going to buy cigarettes (loosies)..

    So the whole time im just saying out loud " dam, just wanted to smoke a cigarette and go to sleep" lmfao.
  4. Maybe it's a sign like you said :bongin:
  5. ya i have had my car searched for "suspicion of under the influence".
    i consinted to them search the car minus, the trunk and glove box.

    they said okay & before i knew it they where looking in my glove box.
    popped my trunk & had a dog sniffing every where.

    thankful i didn't have anything on me.
    i feel you on the they abuse their authority.

    you try to be nice & give them an inch, and they power trip it into a mile.
  6. You really need to learn the difference between seen and saw. :wave:
  7. #7 DMX, Aug 14, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 14, 2012
    How did Junkie Shoplifter get in my tags? On the bottom of the page?

    Did a GC "cop" do that? Calling me a junkie and a shoplifter???? You really went into my account and edited my tags to "junkie shoplifter"

    Wow, your no beter than the cops you prick.

    Foreal, I cant believe a GC moderator would call think im junkie shoplifter just cause I mentioned it... Thats fucked up, your a real jerkoff Whoeverr Moderater did that.

    Bashing moderators is SO not tolerated here - WW

  8. :laughing:
  9. No foreal, why did you put that in my tags? Im going to NA meetings starting thursday so keep your opinions to yourself. Im not a heroin addict stealing your car radio for my next high.

    Whoever edited my tags Should NOT be a GC Moderator. Abuse of power from cops, and from people on the internet.

    This website is part of my life, And to have people on here call me a junkie makes me worry that this website has too many fucking assholes in here.

    How about I edit your account and make it say Im an Ignorant piece of shit who abuses his power??
  10. I think an alibi is like if some was killed at 2am and a cop asks you where you were at the time of the crime:smoke:
  11. Nope, you're a heroin addict shoplifting to get your next high. :smoke:

  12. Okay, that was mean. I apologize for being a meany head.

    BTW, I'm not moderator, so don't blame the GC staff, they're good people.
  13. for your information tough online ego Who is a weirdo and Knows WAYY too much about computers and hacking BTW get a fuking life bro. Not trying to sound mean but rally who takes their time out of their day to sit and learn how to hack my tags?
    Hope you make good money doing whatever yah do, Im not mad at yah.

    I Stole an AUX cable from walmart to connect my ipod to my car, The package was half open so I was tempted and thew it in the cart, I took it out Just because it was like 25 dollars and was half open anyway how could I not finih the job? put empty package somewhere. got caught.

    I have a job, dont need to steal to do drugs. Who said I am a heroin addict? even if I was I can afford my own Stuff. Well my own "substances"... I clearly stated I got a seperate charge with opiats in the car, but thast doesnt justify that i stoile thing to get them.
    Who is DirtyPete to judge and make fun of someone on no clear basis???
  14. You say your not a mad, w.e, if you are or not you need to kinda think about how other people are going to react to shit you do. Not that it matters much at all, I mean your on a computer and so am I. I can type any random bullshit on here and you would read it just like everyone else lmfao.
  15. Never consent to searches . What if your friend or someone left some bud or paraphernalia in your car that you didn't know about ? Don't let them intimidate you
  16. [​IMG]

    I think my basis is pretty clear, you're a shoplifting opiate addict, you just said so yourself. Get your shit together, son.
  17. Oh, and that whiner baby tag wasn't me, I'm not gonna sit here and get blamed for erthang.

  18. Your reply makes no sense lmao. Ok so Im addicted to opiates and shoplifted one time in my life. And got caught that one time.... Then get caght couple days later with stuff... Its an issue in my life so thats why I posted it
    I Am trying to get my shit together, just went down a rocky road and its hard to get back.
    I Honestly have taken all these iossues with the Police as a huge Sign to get my shit together,

    But still I mean whoever is putting shit like that in my tags is real stupid cause I can honestly give 2 fuks what goes there....

    I just got Offended when I scrolled down and seen DirtyPete had put "junkie shoplfter" in my tags. It upset me lol.

    I am whining. please call the dam Waaaambulance.
  19. I've stolen a lot of things, done a lot of drugs, and gotten searched by the police more times than I can remember.

    Don't worry about it man, life will find a way.


    I was sober before, but after smoking some reefer I feel bad about trolling you. I'll take the tags down, but only because I love you.
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