Just got pulled over with bud in car..

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  1. So I just picked up my girlfriend from her softball game. We went out to checkers to get some food. On the way we packed up a bowl and toked up in the truck. We got to checkers and got to order. I pull out and go onto the main road, I pulled out In front of a state trooper. He gets me right there. All I could think about is the bud I have in the center console. I'm like fuck. Him and his bright lights snooping around. Lucky me I got let off with a warning .

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  2. Did you get a texting and driving ticket while you were typing this?

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  3. I didn't get pulled over in a different city. Lol I got pulled over not even 5 mins from my place

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  4. You eat at Checkers?
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  5. No there food is too greasy. but they have some good milkshakes !

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  6. From what I read it sounds like the employees at the checkers called the police on you?

    If I am wrong, what caused you to be pulled over?
  7. From what i understand he pulled out in front of the state trooper?

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  8. He told the story like he was done smoking. He pulled into the drive through, and drove away no longer smoking. When he says he pulled in front of a state trooper what does that mean? He cut him off? I'm asking what cause did the state trooper have to pull him over, unless he was still smoking in which he poorly worded the story. 
  9. When I got to checkers i was already done smoking . It was like 5 minutes before I arrived there. But the reason he pulled me over was for not fully stopping at a stop sign. It was a intersection right before a really busy street so I'm thinking I go now I'll make it. I couldn't see his car at all!
    But yea I re-read my post, it is poorly writen. Sorry about that.

    It definently made me cautious with what I have in my truck now.
  10. Or just obey the rules of the road when you have some in your truck lol. Did he say it smelled or anything?
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    surprisingly no. we just got food from checkers so it had that fried food smell in there. i believe i was saved by the fries from checkers
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  12. AHA! Caught red handed!
    You said the food was too greasy, but you liked the milkshakes!
    I want to know the meaning behind this french fry of lies!
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  13. you guys are interrogating him more than the cop
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  14. He got a milkshake and his girlfriend got the greasy fries.
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    Thanks brotato, it was my bad to assume he would be eating those greasy french lies
  16. I mean the cop didn't do his job. This guy has WEED in his center console and the cop let him off with a warning... We must make up for this

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