Just got pulled over by a sheriff. drunk as shit! AND got away!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by GrowinSomeDank, May 23, 2010.

  1. Well I got pulled over right after droping my friends off and, i was drunk as shit. me and my 4 friendspounded 8 loco's and i was feeling tipsy. I drove like 500 feet from my friends house after droping him off and got pulled over this is what happended...

    Sheriff: Hi I'm officer blah blah blah with the sheriffs office and I just clocked you going 74 in a 35.

    Me: Yeah I'm sorry officer I was just droping my friends off.

    Sheriff: You know thats reckless driving, Have you been drinking tonight?

    Me: No sir.

    So then I fumble threw my insurance and all that shit. Then he askes me if ive been arested before and I tell him no he goes back to his car and runs my shit as im sitting there. then he walks up and says "Let me see your eyes son. So I look right at him and he says. Well I could give you a 550 dollor ticked for reckless driving but I don't think you wan't that so you can leave now. I said thank you and went on my way drunk as fuck.

    scaryest shit you can ever have happen to you. I am so lucky I'm not in jail right now.

    If this doesnt make much sense its because I'm still drunk and its like 4 am.
  2. You would have deserved the ticket man. Fuck drink driving, take some responsibility..
  3. That was pretty irresponsible dude. But i enjoyed the story
  4. Yeah you are fuckin lucky.

    Personally I wish you would have been arrested. I've had two friends killed by irresponsible children driving drunk.
  5. Wtf, 74 in a 35?
  6. That cop sucks and you suck even more for drinking and driving. Fuck that, how selfish could you be?
  7. not cool you are endangering other people when you put yourself behind the wheel, really irresponsible. And to come on the internet to 'brag' about it in a way just shows your immaturity
  8. + stop drinking, who needs it?

  9. I'm callin mad bullshit. You would never of gotten off with that. Even if it's just a speeding ticket. You would most definitely got Reckless Driving and you'd be in a cell right now.

  10. yeah 39 mph over the limit and you get a warning. No way.
  11. i could see like 10 mph over but 39 nawww or u just got real lucky i guess?
  12. yeah and 10 over you would still get a ticket probably.
  13. I think this guys still fucked up.No pig lets 74 in town drive away.WB
  14. cops like to have fun too. they know how it used to be. my friend got clocked going 99 slowing down in a 35. he was shitfaced. state troopers found a quarter, pipe, STOP SIGN, open bottle, etc. they let him go home. no charges. i think they gave him a ticket for 50 in a 35.
  15. I call bullshit. No way you would get away going 74 in a 35. You would have quite a few tickets, no exceptions.
  16. I feel like everyone is raggin on him for drinking and driving. I mean i have drank and drive, and so have many others. the point is to be responsible while being an idiot. Dont drive if your shit faced but if youve had a few beers you'll probably be ok. then when your driving realize your not in the best state of mind and be cautious.

  17. Fuck that, you don't have to be drunk to kill someone with a car. People that think its at all acceptable on any level are truly scum of the earth. I'm happy here in England if you get pulled over and there is any reason the cops think you might be drunk they use the breathalyser you. A scientific method, none of that walk along a straight line bollocks.
  18. drinking and driving isnt a huge deal unless at high speeds like you were doing. if you were doing the speed limit things would have been perfectly fine. i mean everything was perfectly fine but still, just go the damn speed limit.
  19. you're the biggest idiot known to man, i hope the next time you drive drunk you wreck and kill yourself op

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