Just got perscribed Hyrdo 7.5/500's

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by HerbalHaze, Sep 12, 2009.

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  1. Just got the good 'ol wisdom teeth yanked outta my head and filled my perscription for some vicodin, and had a few questions.

    1. first off, is 7.5/500 the normal dosage? I thought I recalled 5/500 being the average.
    2. for a user with no prior opiate tolerance, how many will it take to get a desirable effect for a 6'2" 170 pound user?
    3. what's the synthesis like for the use of vicodin and alcohol? it's a bad idea i've heard but how much does alcohol effect it's usage?
    4. i plan on making some edbiles tomorrow since i can't smoke for a week, probably fixing up some firecrackers with roughly a gram each of some good nugs, are opiates and the herb a good combo? what can i expect?

    Thanks all.
  2. We can not give advice for dosage.
    We can not give advice on mixing two substances.

    Im sure there is paperwork, with your prescription, telling you how to use them. Take their advice, and start from there.
  3. 1. yes from what I know 5/500 is normal dosage
    2. I can't really tell you this one without getting banned soo just do some research erowid is your friend here
    3. Again erowid.. sorry
    4. erowid... again
  4. Not true. The normal dosage is what ever you are prescribed. :rolleyes:
  5. Hmm, from what I know 5/500 ( here atleast ) is what doctors hand out, I thought that is what he was asking as in what is normally handed out. Muh bad ;] I know they do dose higher.
  6. So sorry guys, just joined and was too ignorant to read the rules, my bad, thanks for the help anyways though! :wave:

    EDIT: oh and lucky11, that is what I was wondering, thanks
  7. I got the 7.5/500's for my post-extraction. I took a hefty recreational dose the day I got them pulled out and I didn't feel shit other than pain relief. I dunno how that works but I'd wait awhile until the pain goes away before you do it recreationally, and just use them as prescribed till then.:cool:
  8. they're only bad with liver because they both hurt your liver. If you do a CWE you can take them with alcohol, but remember, this may cause drowsiness!

    edit: Yes, I stand by my statement, never mix vicodin with liver and onions!!! I meant to say alcohol
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