Just got paid for smoking.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Frenchexit, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. Ok so Im at my dealer/good friend's house tonight. and i have this bad sinus cold, but Im still toking. Well He just got this glass on glass blue dot 6footer. well Im just hitting bowls and Js and he busts that out and was like hit this. Im like na I cant man itll kill me. hes like c'mon man you got it, Ill pay you 10bucks to hit this and pack it.(just got some OG larry kush!) So i was like fuckk it pack that beast up. well I cough out a lung but still got payed to toke. so question; does that make me a professional smoker?!
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  2. That makes your friend one hell of a homie
  3. yes is i'll agree with you there. BUT still when you get paid to do something that your good at they call you a professional, right?
  4. You, my man are the total Professional! You did good!
  5. your friends is a fuking G!
  6. If you told him how you liked it afterwards, you might consider yourself a paid critic. :D
  7. i wana know this guy, my nose is kinda stuffy
  8. You are a fucking pro man! lol that's pretty damn awesome though!
  9. a professional would not cough!
  10. Not a pro until you can make a living off of it.
  11. nope, that just makes you're friend a badass. :cool:
  12. @ letsmoke, I wouldnt have coughed if it wasnt for this cold.

    And yea he is a pretty rad friend for sure, except that he wanted to see me suffer, but the jokes on him, cause my self esteem is throught the roof. lolol
  13. I don't see why people think coughing is like the number one sin in smoking.
    I smoke daily and I still cough?
  14. Only if you declare it as income on ur taxes.
  15. lol i know. im just giving you a hard time. :)
  16. it makes you a whore

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