Just got out of jail

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  1. Served 67 of my 90 day sentence, Worked the other 23 days (552 hours) in the kitchen. Roll one up for me GC because i still cant for 21 more months!
  2. What were you accused of.
  3. Delivery of LSD through a controlled buy. He wore a wire.
  4. what a fucken' rat, its shitty how low people can be.

    smoken one for you right now OP.
  5. [quote name='"JPGR"']Delivery of LSD through a controlled buy. He wore a wire.[/quote]

    damn sucks bro. glad youre out tho
  6. damn son. dont know about up the Wisc but here in illinois thats a mandatory 4 years! you have any priors? And thats awesome you have/had a cid hook up. I havent seen any in a good 6-7 years!

  7. Yeah I got a good ass lawyer. Dropped from a felony delivery to a misdemeanor possession. No priors at all.
  8. Well my good sir, You win! Just watch the probation my good man. Thats where they get ya. Give ya just enough rope to hang yourself! I did it! lol
  9. [quote name='"JPGR"']Delivery of LSD through a controlled buy. He wore a wire.[/quote]

    90 days isn't that bad for that shit. Especially if a jury got to listen to that tape.
    stay outa trouble brother
  10. This joints for you.
  11. Congratz! any stories from your stay?

    and this one hitter is for you haha. Really my next bong hit is for this :)
  12. As far as jail goes, I got to stay at the "hilton" of jails. It had carpets, a soda machine, a vending machine, and a cappacine/coffee machine in the dorm. Every day was pretty much the same. I would work 330am-330pm in the kitchen, go back to my dorm, shower and go to bed. The showers had curtains and the toilet had a door. The worst of it all was that most of the guards were incredibly lazy and were really good at losing things. The make up of the jail was approx 90% DUI, 5% drug dealers, 4% child support, 1% child molesters.

  13. The fuck? How do I get to go to that jail next time I fuck up? I'm not clowning on you, I'm just really jealous. Jail in New Orleans blows, (and im assuming just about everywhere else).
  14. Damn dude. Getting busted through a dude wearing a wire is shitty. One of the big dealers around my hometown got busted then flipped on the dude who taught him everything he knows. Sad thing is, the second guy wasnt even selling anymore, he just wanted an oz for personal use. But yea dude, fuck people who wear wires. Fuckin scum of the earth.

    Glad you're out dude! I'll dedicate a bong or two to you tonight!

  15. you damn right about that opp anit nothing to fuck around with trust me been there done that

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