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Just got out of court

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ALMN, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. No probation, no jail, nothin. Just a fine. bout to get back on dat reefa game
  2. Sweet yo, BLAZE IT!
  3. What did you go to court for?
  4. :smoke:you lucky fuck
  5. Possession. Got it dropped to disorderly
  6. A1 is gunna get baaaaaaaaaaked
  7. Nice! Congrats man.. How much ya get busted with?
  8. I had like 3 lil roaches on me. The dude I was with had like a half on him, and then he got busted again a week later. He's on probation gettin piss tested every week now :(
  9. Good to hear man, toke up!

    Oh and for the self proclaimed 'Grammar Police' you don't use very good grammar. Just sayin' :cool:
  10. LOL, when I first started using these forums, I found myself correcting a lot of people's mistakes. Since then, I've stopped giving a shit. I should probably change that...
  11. Did you have a good lawyer? Or did they not have a good case on you? Never saw possession get knocked down to disorderly
  12. I had a good lawyer. As soon as i got called to the stand, my lawyer asked to approach, 30 seconds later the bailiff came over and told me to take my thingy to the cashier, and all I had to do was pay a fine. Nobody in the court room even heard what my charge was.
  13. Haha fair enough man :p

    That lawyer thing sounds a little dodgy but who cares as long as you get the benefit
  14. fuckkkkk youuuuuu

    I had less than a gram and a grinder with kief in it and got possession and possession of para.

    I got 12 months, 30 hours community service, random drug tests and around 3000 dollars in total bullshit.

    I'm 5 months in and spend all my time shopping for the bong and sharpstone I want.
  15. #15 Emrich, Aug 16, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 16, 2012
    My next bowl is for you

    Imagine if they busted you on the amount of high you got from the weed of kief.
  16. your lawyers a keeper!
  17. Congratulations bro ^_^
    Fuck Yeah !

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