just got out of a bad relationship...weed help? (story included)

Discussion in 'General' started by Gosusolo, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. alright well heres the story

    i'm a junior in high school, this girl is a freshman, i'm 16 she's 15. so basically when we first started talking she liked me alot, so she begged me to give her a chance bc i knew if i had a gf it would just hurt in the end. but she told me a bunch of convincing shit so i gave her a chance, we went out a month later. this was in november. so one day shes with her friend, and her friend says something to her mom about me, and her mom freaked out bc i'm an older guy. so we had to break up that night. that wasnt the only reason though, she just thought i was too 'obsessive'. it was in december. so ever since then we've been on and off. i found out in january she liked a new guy, so i called her and said fuck you and a bunch of other shit and we ended up talking a week later and she wanted me back. so i gave her another chance. then last week i got in a huge fight with my mom so i was a bit emo, and she ended up not liking me anymore bc of how i was acting. and i got fed up with all her shit, so i said either we're together or you're out of my life. you lie to me too much. bc she changes her mind so fucking much. one day she loves me, next day she doesnt. so she hooked up with her best guy friend at the movies bc she claims she felt pressured and she completely regrets it and she told me she didnt like me anymore but she didnt know howd she feel in a few days, so i just said a bunch of hurtful shit to her and that i never want to see her again.

    i'm just reallly depressed and idk if smokign is gonna help me or not >_>
  2. sorry..dont feel like helping some high school romance..

    that shit always fizzles..and btw you have to be eighteen to post here, so bye

  3. You messed up brotha, you should have kept your age out of the post. This site is 18 or older and they enforce it strictly.

    I can tell you are stressed though,

    feel free to add Rhastamando on AIM and I will talk with you about it.
  4. alright will do
  5. Best first post in a thread ever. I lol'd
  6. i read your post very superficially and what i have to say is;

    relax..youre still 16.this will happen many times again( breaking up and paining etc) so dont freak out ..try seeing this more positive..something ends ,something else begins..
    you still have a lot ahead of you.its not the end of the world.

    life goes on.and you are not depressed..this is too little to get depressed over..youre just frustrated and sad whatever..its normal it happens and it gets worst with the years. youll build your defence on facing it..you are doing it exactly right now.
    dont do it with herb.
    you have stuff to do..like studyin..and you cant study high..or work out high if youre in a team or something...etc etc..you are underage and in highschool.try not smokin yet..

    thats a bit of advice..

    hope you feel better soon

    Bye bye :wave:

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