Just got noticed by my parents. My eyes are dilated??

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by blazemore, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. 1. Say you were walking in the dark.
    2. Use eyedrops.
    3. If parents question you, kill them and make use of your garden shovel and back yard.
  2. I used to impulsively lie because I would always lie to my parents and I'm trying to break the habbit. I just told him I was smoking weed.
    Oh and I did use eyedrops. I thought I was good.
  3. It's time for step 3
  4. Your're crazy man.
  5. get some of those cat contacts. or lizard contacts.
  6. well your pupils dont dilate under the influence of marijuana, if anything they constrict but i dont think anything happens to them. U were prolly in a darkish environment when they spotted your pupils and they happened to be dilated because it was dark outside.

  7. Yep you're pretty high, considering you took that seriously. How old are you jw, seeing as you have to sneak by your parents when smoking...
  8. Im 18 man, it was a problem because I was driving while high and I dont pay the insurance so I have to go by what he says. I'm a liability to him I guess.
  9. If he's paying your insurance you are by definition a liability to him, that's not cool that you drove high especially if he's doing such a solid like covering your insurance. Not that you can't handle driving high, I'm sure you can, but in situations like this respect has gotta come first.

  10. That's what I thought too. It's 7pm here and around this time of year it gets pitch black
  11. Your dad could have thought your eyes were dialated from unmentionable mushies, not marijuana.
  12. lol...mabye I'm crazy but wasn't this the point of this thread?

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