Just got my ROOR!!! yummo

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  1. Hey guys i see myself as a bit of an amateur who loves the finer things in life :smoke:, anyways after fiddling around with a few different cheapo bongs, i decided to see if all the $$$ spent on a ROOR bong would be worth it, after all smoke is smoke right?

    well i thought it was gonna turn up a week or so later but my gf txts me while im at work( i love working full time :D) to say it has arrived :hello::hello:
    so im now sitting here after 2 nice hits ( .4.2g so far) i have to say im fucking amazed at the difference a quality bong makes!!!

    just watching the smoke all gather in that LONG chamber and the way the last ashes sparkle like a meteor shower into the water just makes me :hello:, so much smoother for some reason too :confused:
    anyways hers a couple pics im off to finish listening to "and justice for all" metallica, its fucking amazing :smoke::smoke::smoke:


  2. smoked many a ROOR

    owned two straight pipes I put diffusers in. Orange and blue lable.

    Friend, Cordor actually, has a similar piece with a ROOR ash catch.

    hits awesome.

  3. how tall is dat thang? looks beautiful, oh and how much was it?
  4. Hey guys and gals thanks for the replies i almost forgot i made this thread 2 days ago :smoke: im now a true believer in all glass on glass, that shit is awesome :eek: not sure if its just the glass or just the sheer space inside the bong that allows it to be MUCH nicer and hit alot nicer too, i was fucked(in a lovely way) the other night from 3 hits :smoke:

    ill post some more pics a little later when i pack a cone, then its time for a 1 day tb ready for friday when my gf and her bro get to try this sucker out :p

    also is it just me or can u fully finish bigger bowls in 1 hit with these bigger bongs than the smaller ones?? seems so much easier to get all the weed in smoke form before sliding the cone out to inhale fully.

    oh also nearly forgot, its a 5mm little sista with 18.8mm hole and it stands 45cm tall, post some more pics in a couple hours before i go to the moon again :smoke::wave:
  5. Nice bong man, you seem happy as hell. :smoke:
  6. miss my ROOR's

    PHX never did me wrong

    no bad touch
  7. post milk shots! :)

  8. Slide* not cone :p and of course a bigger bong will help you take bigger hits more easily. That is a reason people enjoy bongs :p I know my little Syn with no percs can handle about 0.25g max on its own before it is too much, but if I put my ash catcher on I can smoke up to 0.4g without it being too much to handle.

    Many people can clear 0.6g or higher from better slides and bigger and better bongs with multiple percs, filtration, ect.
  9. I like small tubes I think it saves flavor alot
  10. .6 in one hit? shit i think packin .15 is pushing the limits a bit, glad my tolerence isnt at that point yet but now i think i will pack a .15 and try and clear it :smoke:

    so i call the whole setup with the conepiece, downtube etc the slide yea?

    also by milk do you mean just fill it with milk instead of water, i think i have some not out of date milk still in the fridge so ill give it a go as long as its not a bitch to clean:rolleyes:
  11. I really need a nice new waterpipe

  12. [​IMG]
  13. I second the cat :bongin:
  14. He means fill it up with a lot of smoke
  15. Sick tube. A ROOR is definitely on my wishlist as far as my glass collection is concerned, very classy IMO.
  16. Yeah dude just make sure it's whole or 2% milk. No skim milk

  17. yeah the fat helps the thc you know..thc fat soluble..

  18. ^^^ Thank you, I didn't wanna be a dick but I just found that GIF lmao

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