Just got my pH/eC meter, and I definitely need some advice! *PICS*

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    So here's the dealio. I did a 2-1 mixture of soil-water with my two flowering plants. Some of you might or might not remember that I made a post that said one of my flowering plants froze, well I just found out why...here's my stats...Flowering started 4/20

    The water I used to dilute the soil came from my PuR water filter and tested about 7.55 pH.

    Plant #1 taken at 76 deg F
    pH- 5.05
    eC- .58 ppt
    mS- 1.29

    Jesus christ right? I did put a layer of sand on top of both plants to get rid of gnats, but I tried to dig down under the sand to get my sample. And for plant #2...

    Plant #2 taken at 80 deg F
    pH - 5.10
    eC - .32 ppt
    mS- .66

    Once again, not so great, but it's Plant #1 that is "stunting" and Plant #2 looks to be doing alright. What should I do in this case?

    I did order some 7.01 calibration/buffer solution with my Hanna Combo meter :)

    I'm attaching photos of each of the plants. First 3 are plant #1 and second 3 plant #2

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    Anyone? What should I do here about my pH? And are my mS and eC readings ok?
  3. idk, my plants were fine untill i got the PH testers and started worrying about the PH because its almost never on. Ph just makes you stress.
  4. Well how would I bring my pH up and are my eC and mS readings right?
  5. Can anyone help me with this?
  6. Hydrated lime will increase the PH of your soil.
  7. Do I just put it on top of the soil and water it in or do I actually have to physically mix it into the soil? And is it possible that the play sand on top of the soil to get rid of the gnats is lowering my pH? I've only had it in place for a few days.
  8. Can anyone give me some feedback on my stats please? This is my first time working a meter and I'd definitely love some pro feedback so I can learn to use it properly.
  9. how often are you watering and when are you nuting?
  10. I water once every few days (3 days) and feed with super bloom 1.5 times a month, with big 4 finger pinch of bone meal on each plant every few weeks. I'm about to start watering with 1 tablespoon of molasses per gallon as well.

    Basically I water whenever it's dry 2-3 inches down in the soil.
  11. Anything? How are my stats looking?
  12. Can someone please take a quick look at the stats of my plants and tell me if Im going in the right direction or anything for that matter? lol
  13. i always measure runoff after watering, not a 2-1 mixture soil/water. also- I calibrate my meter every time i use it. As far as rasing the ph, I'm kindof a newb, but I would water with a higher pH water, to bring it up.

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