just got my order of spice gold, 99-0chillin, red planet

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    my conclusions:

    all three blends definitely do work. 99-0 chillin is the weakest, but has little after effect, so it's good when you only have a couple of hours. spice gold is strong but made me fall asleep too quickly. red planet gave me the best experience, lasted a long time, and produced a feeling that's pretty close to weed. i would probably recommend red planet out of the three.

    COMBINATION RED PLANET & 99-0 CHILLIN [updated 8/19]

    i decided to try this last night, to see if the effects are any different.

    dosage: three pinches of each blend, maybe 0.05g altogether. took about 10-12 hits out of a glass pipe.

    effects are immediate. lightheaded at first, then a 'stoned' feeling of heaviness in the brain, eyes, face. legs are a little wobbly, but moving around is no problem. the peak is definitely more intense than with red planet alone, though it may be due to the increased dosage.

    tried playing videogames, it is difficult to concentrate, can't play anything challenging. food tasted great, had a slice of cheesecake and a popsicle.

    the high lasted a good four hours before i had to go to sleep. was tapering off a little by the end, but i was still high as i was going to bed. the 99-0 chillin is more of a peripheral feeling, as in you really notice it when you're not paying attention, but as soon as you try to focus on the feeling it goes away a little. another way to put it would be it's easy to make yourself sober up while on 99-0 chillin. the red planet is quite strong at all times.

    blending the two does seem to add something to the experience. next time i will try spice gold + red planet.

    RED PLANET [updated 8/18]

    dosage: three hits

    this stuff is strong. much stronger than 99-0 chillin, which seems positively tame by comparison. i got much higher by smoking a smaller amount.

    immediately feel lightheaded after the hits. the high comes on before the five minute mark. very noticeable 'stoned' feeling. no significant auditory enhancement. reaction time is slightly slower. gradual but heavy cottonmouth.

    the effects are pretty lasting. i smoked more than five hours before bedtime and was still feeling it when i went to sleep. after sleeping for about six hours, the main effects have worn off. i felt groggy and tired when waking up, but being tired and not getting enough sleep probably had something to do with that.

    of the three blends, this is closest to real weed. compared with spice gold, it's a little more heady and not as fatigue inducing. watching the olympics on tv was pretty fun. playing videogames was ok, not as great as it is when smoking weed. a lot of the mental aspects of THC are not there, such as altered thinking patterns and euphoria. conversely, i also got very little paranoia.

    99-0 CHILLIN [updated 8/14]

    looks a lot like spice gold, only a little more yellow. texture and smell are the same. spice gold and 99-0 chillin taste a lot like flavored salvia when smoked.

    small dose trial: two hits out of a glass pipe. effects took about 10 minutes to come on, and it was very gradual. slightly buzzed feeling, like an MJ high that is just about to be gone completely.

    larger dose: a full bowl, packed tight. by myself, it's probably 8-10 hits altogether. this time the smoke is harsher. a waterpipe would definitely help. i was still feeling the effect from the small dose, but it had begun to go away. again the effects come on gradually. this is noticeably stronger. it's definitely closer to MJ than spice gold, i would say. it's just not as intense. 99-0 chillin is cheaper than spice gold, so it seems that you need to smoke more of it.

    there was noticeable auditory enhancement, though not to a great extent. i was able to tune into the music a little more than usual. i think i would be able to drive with no problem.

    i don't feel as tired as i do when smoking spice gold.

    the high has lasted about two hours, and is still going. i think i am coming down, but the come down is as gradual as the come up, so it's taking a while and is barely noticeable.

    overall i like this better than spice gold, with the only complaint that it is a little weak. it still works, but you have to consume a good bit of harsh smoke to do it. if you have a bong this stuff could be pretty good.

    SPICE GOLD [updated 8/13]

    Very finely ground, grassy and slightly moist in texture, green and slightly brown in color. Smells sweet, a lot like a vanilla flavored bidi.

    For a small dose trial, I smoked out of a dugout pipe, getting two good hits. There is immediately a feeling of lightheadedness and a sense that ‘something' is different. About ten minutes in, the effects are a little stronger. It is not like THC. No feelings of euphoria, no altered thought patterns. It felt relaxing and drowsy, almost similar to sleep medication. I took a nap because I felt very tired. Slept for two hours, and the peak effects were gone when I woke up. I felt heavy headed and groggy, like I wasn't completely awake or had been sleep deprived. It is now two hours after I woke up, still feel slightly monged out and groggy.

    At this dosage, the peak effects aren't unpleasant, but not spectacular. Mildly amusing is what I would call it. I did not notice any perceptual enhancement.
  2. what the fuck is that shit dude? It sounds totally gay. just so everyone knows, all these so called legal highs do nothing to you that you couldnt get a a local longs or rite aid. They leave you with bad headaches and are sometimes even more harmless than the drugs that they are immitating. If you wanna trip, take some mushrooms, or acid. And dont tell me you have no idea where to get it. If someone really wants something they will get it. Hey , thats funny, thats probably what made you get that dumb shit in the first place.Watch your back This is pandoras box, Biotch hahahahahaha just kiddin:cool:
  3. This is just to report on my experiences. Some people might find this information interesting, regardless of your opinion of them.

    So I guess what I'm saying is, if you don't care about these substances, stay the fuck out of my thread.
  4. 3/4 of what you said is incorrect data.

    dont spam the thread if you are ill-informed on the subject, as you are.
  5. bro with the Spice try Spice Diamond it is a much better Sativa like high.
  6. how long do the highs from these legal herbs last? i think im gonna end up on probation soon and these might be a good alternative
  7. what is this stuff? i must know O_O
  8. Look it up. Legal smoke.
  9. When are you going to post the update on the red planet. I'm trying to figure out what all i want to order and would like to know what your experiances were

  10. Can someone who knows a legit place that sends to the us pm me? I wanna get some of this to try out and use as filler.
  11. Thats the most retarded thing I have ever heard. I wan't acid, shrooms, and some oxys right now.

    Wait for it....

    No, still nothing.

    Edit: Sorry guess I didn't really want those things.
  12. Try spice diamond. I haven't tried spice gold, but diamond gets me really high and it doesn't make me sleepy at all.
  13. thats because your a lazy fuck. are u kidding. wait for it? u aint get shit by sitting on your ass. get out there and find that shit. and i still think anyone trying to get high off of head shop legal highs are just retarted.

    and fuck you if you cant respect others opinions. this is pandoras box, dont come if you dont wanna play
  14. I was simply saying that you can't just get what you want, even if you really want it. Shit takes time. So fuck you, I was just saying my own opinion, bitch.
  15. You're the same as him, you're disrespecting that fact that he doesnt want to respect others opinions
    so you just sound like a giant hypocrite but meh that's just me.


  16. nice. :rolleyes:

    I really don't give a shit if anyone thinks it's retarded. I've been smoking weed for 15+ years, and have taken almost every other drug you can think of, and I get high as hell from spice diamond. Don't knock it until you try it.

    It's not a matter of not being able to find weed. That's never been a problem. It's just a fun, pleasant high that I can order over the interwebs.

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