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Just got My Medical Marijuana Card Minutes Ago

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by XxChaosXLovexX, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. And I'm absolutely ecstatic. :D

    It took about 45 minutes in all. That includes filling out the paperwork, talking with the Doctor, and waiting while the other guy tried to change the ink cartridge in the broken printer.

    He actually cut out the card from regular computer paper. Yes, with scissors. It was remarkably easy, and although I am glad to be able to legally purchase and cultivate my own marijuana, a bit more of a challenge wouldn't have hurt.

    Simply put - it was fucking awesome. I have nothing but respect and admiration for the guys that run that place.

    Now, time to hunt down some dispensaries...:smoke:
  2. Go to California Patient's Alliance on Melrose - Google them you'll get the address, tell them WildWill sent ya.
  3. you are one lucky guy. can you go to the doctor and just tell him you're going through depression or something, and he'll give you a card? or do you need to really have a legit reason?
  4. really should have a legitimate condition.

  5. What a nice gesture :)

    OP: Congrats, dude. Post some pictures of the nugs you get :D
  6. Congrats, God Bless, I hope the magic grass will help you out!
  7. im heading out there too bro for my medical card. i am disabled and will get it no prob but finding a place to live is the problem as im poor as hell
  8. nice cant wait to get mines
  9. How much does everything cost?? and are there different types of cards?:confused:
  10. do you have to go to the county if you get it in los angeles area? what is that place on sunset and wilshire??
  11. God gawd am I blazed right now. Anywho...

    I believe the answer is no to all of the above questions.

    Yeah, a legitimate condition is a big plus. Although, everyone I saw who went in came out with a card. The guy behind the desk was snipping those things out like a pro. When I asked him if I could pay in cash, he replied "No problem! We like green things."

    Yeah, rent is sooper dooper sucky in San Diego right now.

    I think when I'm not sooper stoned I'm gonna post about the experience with the dispensary. Shit was crazy.
  12. ya took me only 30 minutes to get mine too. I got mine on my lunch break on my birthday. It was free too. Renewals are only $35, can't beat the price.
  13. what do you guys tell your docs when asking for a card? what are common conditions that allow for its use? i dont have anything wrong with me just slight/moderate pain on my lower back pretty frequently, and i have lyme disease. not sure if lyme is legit though hahahh

    i am aware that mmj isnt in NY, just for my own knowledge.
  14. AGAIN, do not FAKE anything. Give the doctors your actual medical records and let THEM decide if you need MMJ or not.
  15. Were did you go to get it for free?
  16. First off depression is a legit reason. If you really are depressed go to a psychiatrist and have him/her evaluate you. Be completely honest. Do not bullshit. Tell hm if you are currently using marijuana to treat your depression. A psychiatrist will most likely prescribe you an SSRI or suggest counseling (assuming your not making up your disorder). I suggest to really do counseling and maybe even the SSRI's to see if they help with your depression.

    Take your med records and prescriptions to a doc that recommends marijuana and see if he/she thinks it will help you out. If it's legit then you will probably be approved.

    If your asking how to "fake" it, then you should be banned.
  17. No medical records needed. Bottles of your prescription medication is enough to validate the existence of your condition.

    Me and my friend also made a video of the following moments after I received my card. I was fucking stoked.

  18. Oh that's great, you got your MMJ card and the first thing you do is make a video of you doing definitely NON MMJ stuff smoking like a legalized stoner?

  19. bahah you mmj guys are way too elitest

    if i could fake it, why wouldn't i? lolz
  20. Because it's one step back for the effort to get mmj legalized everywhere. Not to mention it's an abuse of a system put in place to help people that actually use it for its medicinal effects.

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