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Just Got My Medical Card. Now What?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by BakaCrisis, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. CT is probably the weirdest state to get your card in.
    No dispensaries.
    Prices are outrageous.
    Only 300 people in the state have a card
    I could take trips to R.I. but the most i can bring back is 2.5 ounces... 
    I thought having my card would be the willy wonka golden ticket of herb... I have come to find out, I am the same as always.
    Also, would you guys go around telling your friends you got it? Or would you keep it low key and only use it when you need it?

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    Find a compassion club or have a friend be your caregiver or just grow your sure you have a friend that would love to grow weed for you..also craigs list has caregivers looking for patients sometimes
  3. I am not usre you can grow in CT? let me know where the law states that
  4. not sure im just going by where i live in michigan
  5. Guess you cant it does say you can have a caregiver but didnt say if they will be providing them or you can get your you cant grow
  6. grow your own and tell no one. problem solved.
  7. Craigslist bro, you know somebody is making a profit on that shit. If not, sounds like you know what business to get involved in to make some cash!
  8. Travel to R.I ! I may or may not live there...wink wink. And "they" have some RIDICULOUS bud up there, especially medical. It's worth the trip.
  9. Your the one with the script! You know your local laws! I can only have 6 plants in my county.

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