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Just got my Medi Card from Venice Beach, but there's a problem.

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by burnt toast, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. I live in San Diego and last week a massive raid closed all dispensaries. The closest still open that I know of is in Dana Point. I think the shut downs are only temporary, but there is a possibility that SD will become a lot less pot friendly. Also if any other San Diego locals know of good places still open, be sure to let me know. Please and thanks.
  2. And your Venice Beach script isn't worth squat anyway. THose docs are about the shadiest that you'll find in So_cal. I wouldn't touch them with a ten foot cattle prod.
  3. HOLLYWEED! is my joint in LA, not relevent but i miss it at the moment
  4. My friends have successfully visited all clubs in San Diego with medical documents obtained in Venice. They are as legitimate as any other medicard in the eyes of the SDPD. The question is if any dispensaries here are still open. I haven't seen any updates on or any related site.
  5. i 2nd the second post.... you cant trust a dr. that has a hippi girl with arm pit hair blowin in the wind holding a medical marijuana sign if everyone can just sign up with out dr. papers or anything its a joke... dont plan on your lawyer backin you up if you get busted those places just want the money...what you pay 80?

    to answer your question looks like your gonna have to come north a lil bit..the ones in dana point are nice..but theres tons all over and most of them give discounts for those that drive far...especially cause all the sd ones got shut down cause they dont know how to run a legit business
  6. how was getting ur med card there i live close to venice and i was thinking about getting my med card there how is it?????

  7. This.

    Since i've worked at a dispensary for a month now, I've seen 2 people with recs from the venice beach doctor who is 80 years old and hires bimbos to bring people in from the boardwalk, and both times we refused them telling them to go to a better doctor.

    Hopefully you didnt get it at the place i'm thinking of, right on the boardwalk with bikini clad bimbos saying "come get legal, its easy".
  8. Someone in another thread mentioned that most San Diego dispensaries are toughing it out. Uh, not?

    30th Street Collective was my dispensary and they've been down since Friday. Ironically me and my friend were actually apprehended directly outside the dispensary as I was about to walk in for something totally unrelated to pot. Apparently a helicopter flew over head as I drove there and my car matched the description of a hit and run incident. After all 8 police cars left I looked at the window only to see a "Sorry, we're closed" sign.

    Damn SD police. Fuck em!

  9. Dude, I'd so touch them with a cattle prod! :D
  10. #10 Shivian, Sep 15, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 15, 2009
    Just for reference if anyone is interested:

    The closed collectives are:
    Answerdam Rx, 6645 Convoy Court, San Diego
    Beneficial Care Collective, 740 Broadway, San Diego
    Green Kross Collective, 3415 Mission Blvd., San Diego
    Green Tree Solutions, 8055 Clairemont Mesa Blvd., San Diego
    The Healing Dragon, 2506 S. Santa Fe Ave. #B-8, Vista
    Hillcrest Compassion Care, 1295 University Ave., San Diego
    Medicinal Solutions Patient Collective, 861 Hornblend St., San Diego
    Movement in Action, 1050 S. Santa Fe Ave., Vista
    Nature's Rx, 3520 Ashford St., Suite E, San Diego
    Pacific Beach Collective, 929 Turquoise St., San Diego
    San Diego Discount Caregivers, 3152 University Ave., San Diego
    San Diego Dispensary Services, 1232 Los Vallecitos Blvd., San Marcos
    Top Quality Collective, 7933 Balboa Ave., San Diego
    Total Herbal Care, 4667 1/2 Cass St., San Diego

    From San Diego Cracks Down on Dispensaries with DEA Help | California NORML is good for finding dispensaries in SoCal.. and a lot of them keep their pages updated on whether they are closed or not. I wouldn't trust a lot of the reviews on there though. Word is many of the less scrupulous dispensaries create fake accounts and 5* rate themselves.

    I have noticed at least half a dozen dispensaries int he area that are STILL closed from what I assume is fear of being raided. Also it seems all of the (smart) dispensaries are stepping up their verification process. Some of the changes I have seen: 24 hour wait periods, requiring original doctor recommendations every visit instead of a DL or State ID, and raising of the minimum age to 21.

    Also I found this tidbit on the webpage of a dispensary that closed, but was not raided:
    "We have received orders from the City of San Diego to not allow any patients registered or otherwise into the collective. This has been set for all collectives in San Diego. We are sorry for any inconvience."

    Anyone else know much about this?
  11. Are you talking about the kush doctor in venice? I have a friend who went there, with NO documents, and got a year rec... and he deals the shit out. I don't approve, but im gonna go there sometime this year for a rec but ill have my legitimate docs on hand...
  12. Who are you to call someone rec. into question? A doctor is a doctor, licensed by the state. How do you KNOW it was a fraudulent recommendation? If you think a doctor is doing something illegitimate, you beef can't be with his patients. Because I'm sure you know for a fact that every single one of his patients lied to recieve their rec. and didn't bring paperwork. I don't think you can make that assumption.
  13. A dispensery has the right to refuse any doctors recommendation. If they find out that they are passing 215s out like candy, then I'm backing them too. The point of medical marijuana isn't for some doctor to make a bunch of money giving people a recommendation without prior consultation.

    I think you have to start with not accepting the doctor's recommendation from the clients.There is not other way to drive him out of business for abusing the system.

  14. thats exactly why they got turned away... because they lied and didnt bring paper work but yet they still got there licence...if you can walk in to a doc office with nothing but your id and money and walk out with a rec...its kinda fraudulent all they want is money... i brought paper work script bottles that i have i paid 150 for my ever hear the frase you get what you pay for? look up medical marijuana evaluations in fact heres there number 18002684420 this place is super legit lawyers are awesome and help out in many ways... only one id go to...all the rest seem sketchy
  15. dont really understand why you have to ostracize the man for getting a Rec in Venice Beach.. i mean who the fuck cares? his rec is as legal as any other doctors. leave him alone, and answer his fucking question; not belittle him.
  16. But that's the thing, these doctors aren't necessarily legal, they aren't conducting physical exams like they're supposed to, and they're not ensuring that patients have a real condition. They're merely giving out recommendations as long as your money is green, and that's not only illegal, it's unethical and gives the entire community a bad name.
  17. well then thats different... i wouldnt know. i didnt get my CA Rec in Venice...

    im just sayin brahski's... take the hate to a PM, he asked a legit question, even if is rec is not "legit"... doesnt mean his question isnt valid.. right?

    idk, these tinctures have me fallin out of my chair.. so yeah, sorry if i pissed anyone off :smoke:

  18. i agree +rep:smoking:
  19. He can get his rec where ever he wants to be honest, but with Prop 215 in the extremely borderline/fragile state that is in, I think it is fair to explain why the dispensaries have the right to refuse service from patients of that doctor.
  20. I don't have anything to say about the rec that wasn't already said...

    BUT, there are plenty of open dispensaries in SD. They only hit 14 of them, and there were about 40 open. Some are closed because they are scared, but many that WERE raided are still open.

    Try the SD section of . You can find out exactly who is still open.

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