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Just got my MD recommendation, now I have to wait 35 days...

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by noeleaser, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. Ouch...

    Here in CO, you have to wait 35 days after you see the MD/send in paperwork to purchase medicine..

    Anyone else run into this hurdle?

    Oh well, I've waited 20 years, I guess I can wait another 5 weeks.. lol

  2. Goodness. Seems a bit silly to me.
  3. I was recently inconvienenced by this new rule myself. I was given a Doctor's reccomendation in mid september, and was able to purchase medicine the same day. The last time I went to my MMJ center, however, I was informed that I couldn't purchase any more until 35 days from the date on my certified mail reciept. Very disappointing.
  4. Here in washington I just called a clinic and setup an appointment, walked in 2 days later(my appointment), walked around 3 hours later with my medical card.:smoke:
  5. what what what(in kyle brovloskys moms voice)

    explain this new rule to me.

    when i got my card i got medicine literally 30seconds later.

    what is gonna happen when i have to re-new next march, surely they wont make re-newals wait 35 days to purchase again, as people re newing are already using and im sure some cannot go without.

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