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Just got my first real vape annnd...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Chongman, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Well today, I got a vape, I believe it's just a cheap one.
    No name pretty much, Does not have a brand Most likely from China.

    I have used lightbulb vapes before with decent results, I got pretty ripped.
    This thing has no heat control, its on or off, It's a whip vape.
    But everytime I take a hit out of this motherfucker, it tastes less than pleasant.

    Not bad, Just a funky taste that does not taste of chron or tobe.
    It tastes the same no matter what I put in there.
    So what are some good tips? and anyone know how to get that goshdarn smell/taste out of it.

    PS, Fun fact, got this shit for free from a buddy, cause he was so stressed he was like "Just fucking take the vape, and keep it before I smash it."

    image codes didn't work, Just click deh links
  2. Buuump, Bump bump.
  3. weird taste i dunno ive never used a proper vape. I could only speculate that since its a cheap vape could it be causing plastic or other parts to heat up and release fumes? not like these devices go through regulation like the fda or somthing..... well i could be wrong...
  4. I dont know the taste you didnt describe it but i can tell you that vaping weed always has a different taste than smoking and its like an essence flavour. Again i dont know if this is the first vape youve used?
  5. when u vap it tastes like it smells. different from burning it
  6. First aside from a lightbulb.

    and it tastes like the vape smells, and it has the exact same taste when you pull through the tube when it's off.
  7. Vapes give a taste like if you're chewing on stems.
  8. Since the taste is there when your not intaking any vapor than i would have to say it aint from the weed right. Maybe some residue in the tubing or somthing that has to burn off
  9. #9 JoMommaNoid, Oct 4, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 4, 2010
    Oh man...those things are pieces of absolute shit...sadly, they were my entry point into weed vaping. The problem with having no temp control and (I would guess) shitty cheap electrical components is that they just do one thing, heat up. That and, they always seem to use cheap crap to make the hose.
    If you turn it on when it's open, keep your finger on the heating plate and just SEE how hot it gets you can tell it's going to do nothing but gradually heat up/smoulder/burn your vapes it during the heating up process.
    The ONLY way not to burn it with one of these, is really annoying. Switch it on, then off, then on then off then on then off then on then off to ATTEMPT some kind of heat regulation while every 2-3 minutes taking your weed out, repositioning it, and putting it back down.
    This will likely get you burned on the fingers too.
    Sure, they'll get you wasted - you're essentially smoking weed.
    The bad taste? I'd say smouldering weed mixed with shoddy electrical components melting.
    The discoloured glass in the picture tells me everything I need to know, these things obviously haven't improved.
    I don't even call them a vapouriser, they're a "slow burner", and almost completely defeats the purpose of trying to vape.
    If you want something cheap, check out the vapostar.
  10. It's probably the lead paint they used, it's from China after all. ;)

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