Just Got My First Gram Of Wax

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  1. Was wondering if there are any particular tool upgrades that could make my smoking method easier handling wax. Also, is a blow torch necessary. May seem like rookie questions but I'm starting to broaden my horizon a bit. Hoping to get the wax game up now so I can get some more interesting photos/videos to my stash thread/youtube.

    Any information would be great, thanks in advance guys!

    Work hard, smoke harder :bongin:

    BTW, here's a photo. Was a little more brown than the wax I've seen around.. but it was the $25/gram one, not the $50.. I figured it'd still do me in good.

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    just eat it all man ... you can trust me, i know what im talking about ;)

    no but seriously, just hot knife it and you get waaaaaayy more fucked up then you would get from hitting it from a bong
  3. get a concentrate tool man...skillet or oil dome...or if u dont care THAAAT much just get some metal screens and put the wax on top of bud

    good way to get the wax to drip off a metal object is to light the object with a lighter so it heats up...should do the trick

    enjoy the wax
  4. Concentrate tool sounds like a better trip to take. But I wont forget the hot knife.

    Thanks for posting back guys!
  5. Taking a look at all your vids now. :p

    I personally never got the big deal with dabbing and shit, but thats just me.
  6. errr..have you dabbed some good oil before tuscanraider?
  7. Yeah, I have. It just seems like a bit too much work to do on the daily is what im saying.
    I know people that almost exclusively dab and use concentrates && shit, and that just wouldn't work for me on a consistent basis.
  8. ha its no more work than loading a bowl and sparkin it up really...
  9. But nails and all the other equipment too?
    Haha, not to mention how high price tags start to get. Concentrate pokers can be more expensive than what you are putting into your lungs. >.>
  10. uh, I use a glass nail, 5 bucks. I bought a peice that doubles as a mini bong with a simple switch of bowl peices so its multi use for 120 bucks. cheaper than a good bong. if you knew what went in to making 1 gram of wax you would understand that the pricetag and if smoked properly it will last you ALOT longer than 20-50 bucks worth of buds will last you...

  11. Thanks for watching and following my vids man. I just want to see what the raving and ranting is about. I know it could financially be the best bet in the long run, plus its a whole different level.

    & that's why I want to smoke it, plus it's a whole different level for my videos and EastCoastTokeTV.

    Kroptonik, could you list some concentrate tools I could look into?
  12. I'm assuming you have some glass pieces already? Just grab a skillet or a dome/nail if you want the best experience you can get smoking concentrates. If you think you will be grabbing concentrates even just every once and a while it will be worth it in the long run.

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