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Just got my BIC Lighter wet

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by prettyslick, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. Anything I can do about this to get it working again? I'd rather not get a new lighter.
  2. [quote name='"prettyslick"']Anything I can do about this to get it working again? I'd rather not get a new lighter.[/quote]

    I've been there. Just put it on a heat vent, blow dry it, or put it in a jar of rice. Once it's 100% dry, it'll work perfectly.
  3. It'll be fine, just let it dry a while
  4. [quote name='"WELLHELP"']Nuke it![/quote]

    That's the best idea I've ever heard! XD
  5. lol if you have another way to make a flame (stove, or other) hold the gas button down on the lighter over the flame until the lighter lights... then just let it say lit until the heat dries it out (takes seconds lol)

    Matches will work greatly for this

    Aka find something other than the flint on the lighter to light the lighter, keep it lit for a few seconds and let it dry, done
  6. ye let it dry, or if you got an old lighter lying around, use that to spark the wet one... just hold the 2 close together, and only let the fuel out of the wet one, and spark with the other
  7. Eat some Jalapeno's and give it a good hot fart
  8. use matches or another flame source to ignite the lighter and just keep it lit for like 30 seconds. should be good
  9. i love how everyone keeps saying the exact same thing over and over
  10. Use a gas stove or some matches to make a flame. Hold your wet lighter next to the flame and press the gas button. Let it stay lit for about 10-15 seconds so it dries out. Should be good to go after that.

    Posted that just for you, imyourcat.

    Edit: 777th post ftw
  11. like people have been saying, leave it outside in a sunny spot and it'll work, i just had to do that a few days ago
  12. so? let it dry
  13. Let it dry off for a day or so, should be fine.
  14. Press the gas button on the lighter and ignite it with a match or other source of flame. Let the wet lighter burn for 15-30 seconds so it can dry.

  15. Put it in a fire and while waiting for it to dry put your hands over the fire and warm up :)
  16. Let it sit for a while I've washed them and have them still work
  17. best first post ever. :bongin:

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