just got my ass kicked

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  1. so I am kind of drunk but....
         I tried to go to this girls house who lives close to me. I thought I had the right house because she had this red four door something or another sitting out front and It looked familiar. well I went to knock on the door, opened the screen door than next thing I know I was on the ground and 3 guys were screaming at me not to do anything.
         I stayed calm and asked for my glasses and they refused. after a while of sitting on the ground spitting pieces of my teeth out the police came. they put me in the back of the car and asked some questions. after a while they let me out. said count this as a warning that they didn't charge me for burglary for breaking and entering.
    does this sound okay to anyone? the guys at the house kept saying I walked in and they chanced me out. I stayed firm that I never walked into the house.  like I was just assaulted for walking up to someone's door and the cops say that my bike (which they fucked up because they thought I was a burglar)  and my teeth was just lesson learned.
         kind of pissed. I also lost my bikes  hook able flash light and my beanie.  It was stupid for me to try to get booty when I didn't know her number but still wtf?!

  2. Dude I'd be livid. Nothing you can do I suppose. Maybe try calling the police chief or something. It's kinda a drunk guys word against theirs though. Really shitty man I'm really sorry. moral of this beat up story, it doesn't pay to be drunk and horny. Yes that was Sublime
  3. Damn son.

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  4. like one of the guys kept punching me in the head yelling you like to rob people. I had my hands in the air when I regained conscious. I think that's why they let me go because I was just like okay lets wait for the cops. 
    I am pretty pissed off and I think they snapped the rim to my $600 bikes front tire. I cant believe that I can just be assaulted and let go like this.
  5. sounds like you had one shitty night. i dont think there is much you can do. i would at least try to get ahold of the chick and ask her if she heard anything to figure out if you were really at the wrong house and go from there!
  6. imo find out the names of those assholes and plot some payback, maybe put a bag of flaming shit on their doorstep and ring the bell. lol classic shit. Or just forget about it. Some piece of shit sucker punched me like a pussy a couple days ago for basically no reason. People are assholes. Be really careful who you are with and if you suspect something bad about someone you're probably right except they're actually 10x worse than you think. 
  7. don't know her number. that's why I tried to walk up to her door.
  8. so you don't know this girl well enough to recognize her house or have her number. But you went there drunk, for what? to hook up? and you opened the screen door?

    Why did the cops let you go after they put you in the car?

    I'm sorry it happened to you but I need more details before I can pick a side.
  9. well she lives in some villa type a thingy, lives pretty damn close to me. we made out at the bar but I didn't want to seal the deal so I took her home. I tried to change my mind but she said she had a son inside and didn't want to wake him.  even though all these houses or apartment things look the same I swear I remember the car because that's what she said to drop her off at.
  10. damn bro she had you drop her off at a neighbors house so you wouldnt know where she lived! ouch
  11. yeah I guess maybe? wouldn't hurt my feelings any to be honest. I am kind of thinking I had the right house because when I told the cops who I was there to see they just kind of looked down or away.  I am thinking she just didn't want to say anything about her " current" guy.
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    What the hell man.This is random.I'm glad your not badly hurt.You shouldn't go around knocking on peoples doors when you are drunk but you also shouldn't get beat up for it either.

    I hardly believe this by the way.Let us see your face will you?

    Okay read the last post you made.It makes sense if that were to be true about what 4ganja2green0 said.Her boyfriend got mad and beat you up when she told him who you are.

    That is some bullshit if it is true and I'd smoke you out if I could.Violence only leads to alot of negative shit so just see if you can do anything legally if you want.Teeth are not something you want missing.
  13. yeah I fucked up, but really there is no law against opening a screen door to knock on the real one....   I feel like maybe in the morning I should call and press charges.
  14. i would do it now while your "freshly wounded"
  15. I'm guessing the wooden door was open?
    If so that's probably why they thought you were about to rob them.
  16. that's cool man I appreciate the gesture.  I really did fuck up. I wear gloves, hoodie, jacket, face mask, and alwaus use a flash light when I am biking. if I had someone like that atm y door I am sure I would react the sam,e.
  17. yeah the main door was cracked open. I didn't even have a chance to hit it before I was on the floor.
  18. I don't think I will try to press charges. I think I might just go over there tomorrow and apollogise. even though my shits chipped I feel bad.
  19. Get a good look at their faces so you can get pay back when the time is right.
  20. Damn dude.... you need some GC folk to beat some ass?

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