Just got mentally fucked?

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  1. Okay so this chick in my math class was normal, she wasn't like a friend of mine but was a good acquaintance, she sat infront of me and everyday we'd talk a little and every now and then do a few problems together. She was a NORMAL fucking chick.

    so it was like a whole week she was out and i asked one of her better friends what happend to her, i get the reply "oh shes in jail" im already like wtf? (assuming for something petty at the most) so i asked for what, got the reply "murder"... So i assume this is a joke and her friend seems to swear with all she has its true.

    So i go to my phone and google in her name, and murder.

    WHAT THE HELL, first link is my local news stations website, a picture and a story on it.
    Apparently her, and another chick robbed some guy, shot him and killed him. no joke.

    Im kinda in disbelief right now because i mean she never seemed like she would ever even be close to something like that? Starting to realize that you really CANT trust anybody.

    sorry if that was a little drawn out, im blazed and just HAD to tell someone that:confused:
  2. wow thats really crazy to hear man. scary world we live in now a days. good thing you never got on her bad side is all i can say..
  3. What the fuck dude.. I'm flipping out
    i'm serious
  4. Well give us a link
  5. Lol.

    A link would be appreciated.
  6. i sat next to this kid in my high school science class and we talked all the time and smoked blunts before class. hadnt talked to him in years and it turns out that he was a murderer to.

    he was walking around with a crew beating people up and taking all there shit and they accidentally beat a hobo to death(R.I.P. Tuba Man). he was charged with 3rd degree murder and got 2 years he got out after 6 months for good behavior and i have smoked a blunt with him since then and it was very awkward.

  7. damn he only did 6 months? thats fucked up
  8. You must have a fucked up definition of normal if a murderer is normal
  9. It's never the ones you expect.

    Hell, how many people on this website fit a stoner stereotype?

    ...probably quite a few, but that is besides the point.
  10. oh, you knew alex delarge?? :rolleyes:
  11. Damn that's fucked up, plus with the link.
  12. you can't judge a book by its cover, she knocked you right off your socks I bet.

    I went to Burger king with my bf and his brother and this two teenagers that go the same high school as his brother were changing the channel & stuff
    I guess they were a couple, come to find out a few days after Burger king they shot themselves in the girls attic. suicide murder something like that. R.I.P
  13. shit happens and people do stupid shit

  14. Nothing is ever what it seems, ever. Remember that. :devious:

    People are normal till you meet them. :)
  15. OP, what if it was set up?! They were set up.
  16. You can't trust anyone.

    Two words...

    Ted Bundy.
  17. hey Greenthumb --- that is some serious shit............

    take care of yourself.

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