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  1. So i just bought my grow equipment, i currently have a 600w mh bulb in a air cooled hood in a 4x2 tent. I have it hooked up to a 6in 450cfm inline fan pulling air through the carbon filter over the light and out the tent into the room outside the closet, but inside the tent is around 82-86 which is obviously too hot. I have all 3 passive intakes open on my tent as well. i have the tent set up in a closet that is 4ftx5ftx8ft, should i move it elsewhere in my house? id really prefer it inside that closet if there is something i can do to knock temps down
  2. so this is what i did in that same situation with door shut.
    i had outake out the top and all the way down the feont of the tent to under the door u have to get like a elbow or just somehow get it so it flows out might have only inches of clereamce for air to go under door.
    now you definatly need a intake so from a window or a AC hook duckting up to and the other end to the left side of the door pushing air in. i had a fan on the other side of the ac which the duct was hook up to and pushed the ac air in nice.
    u need to make sure the outake air and intake dont mix.
    youll need alot of tape and maybe some cardboard but i did a nice grow with not a inch to spare with my grow tent in my closet for a first grow also

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  3. When you attempt to grow in a really confined space like that, metal halide probably isn't your best choice to use. They are terribly hot, though the plants love them and grow like wildfire under them. You're going to have to figure out something to get the temps down because that's just too much for a young tender plant to take. Do you have extra fans inside the tent just moving air around. If you don't, you should. They need constant good air movement inside the tent at all times. This helps disperse That might help a little bit, but probably won't make a big difference. You should probably get rid of the HID and flower with CFLs. They're much much cooler and the plants grow nicely under them as well. It would work much better in a confined space like you have. Now, when you have to flip the lights for flower, you're going to be faced with the same issue. I'm assuming you bought a HID/HPS switchable ballast there...just a guess, but that's very common. The hps is a wonderful flowering light, but you're going to be right back in the same boat with heat. Most can't afford the decent quality lights because they're so expensive, but your best option for growing in that small a space is LED (if heat is your biggest problem). Even the LEDs put off heat in a small space like that, but it's much much less than the other forms of light. The thing about the LEDs is that the ones most people can afford are pathetic and don't work well. They are very very cheaply made in the Asian countries and don't perform worth a flip as well as are pretty easy to tear up and break. If the cheap stuff is all you can afford, you're better off to save your pennies until you can buy a good quality one. If you're like me, you don't enjoy buying things twice. LOL

    I don't know what to tell you other than trying to figure out a way to get some air conditioning in there. I have a friend who converted a closet and he's had the same issues as you're having right now. He finally was able to get the temps down to the high 70s and low 80s and that has worked OK, but 68 is the optimum temp for this stuff to grow at so the closer you get to that, the better they'll do. Good luck! TWW
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  4. I am not understanding how you have everything vented, could you explain that. I mean a 4 x 2 only need a 4 inch passive intake if you have everything vented correctly. if you are going CF > HOOD > FAN > EXHAUST that's your problem. Really, if you are doing that, you can't expect the hot air coming from the inside of your tent that is going through your CF to cool your HOOD, thus lowering the overall temperature in your grow tent. You really need to separate your hood cooling from your tent exhaust system.
  5. I actually dont have any plants going at the moment, i was making sure i had everything at proper temps ready and all that good stuff before i get anything going, i knew i was probably going to run into some problems like this in the closet. I actually just ended up moving the whole thing out of the closet and now my temps are now at 70-75 with the light on for around 12 hours. It was just sucking the hot air back in to the closet i think. Also, i bought the MH and HPS bulb together with the hood and ballast, so im all set on lighting i think, if i start having any more heat problems ill probably switch over to LED but that was a little bit more than i wanted to spend at the moment and i wanted to get a little bit of experience with growing in general before i put a TON of money into it. (ive literally never grown even a piece of grass in my life) Also, i have heard HPS is slightly cooler than MH, any truth to that?

    Fataqui- Yeah, i have it going through the filter, to the hood, then out if tent to where the fan is located. Its working for me well enough now that ive moved it, but a guy on another forum recommended to set it up like that, as his is. The hood glass bottom is actually only getting to 80 degrees right on the glass. I was going to get a 4 inch inline as you suggested, but he said to go with the 6 as the 4 might not have enough pull to get through the carbon filter and adequately cool the bulb. You are right though, i probably should look into separating them if thats the proper way. If ever becomes a problem again ill definitely separate them as you suggested.
  6. The only way i could see how i had set up working is if i had a window or ac unit to pull air into it like you said. Thanks for the advice though :p
  7. What's the temps of the intake air? Where are you dumping the warm stale air? I run two 600 watt lights in a 2x4. Cool hoods, 440 cfm inline on a speed controller turned down. Lights are 8-10" from the plants. The lights usually run at 400 each for most of the grow but I can run them at 600. Its all about the temp of the intake air and where the stale air is being exhausted. Making sure it's set up right, taking into consideration long duct runs and tight bends
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  9. Close a couple flaps see if it does anything

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  10. This is a little smaller tent 36x20x62 I have Led lights. Maybe these pics help you out a little? This is how my tent is set![​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] I leave all my fans on when I turn the lights out. You have to try to utilize the temperature outside. Try growing and having your lights on when it's coolest outside! I had the same problem at first. Since I turn my lights on at 6:00pm and shut them off at 12:00pm. I have all my ports and passive intake closed! So everything is sealed. I'm using 4" cf and 4" booster fan and clip on. My temps have been 70° to 78° and have cf on low. I know you said you did not have a window. I was just trying to help with the pictures I have maybe you can get some kind of idea. Good Luck

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  12. The first picture, is where I mounted the inline. then on the inside of the tent is my cf. I took pics if it helps youmy girls started off inside a 50 gallon Bin, with 3/26watt Cfl's per lady. In my closet, then I bought the tent and the rest of my supplies off eBay. There Aurora autos from Nirvana? Great strain really strong smelling in my tent. But odorless now of course with that in- line cf. The best of luck you have any pics?[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] Hope it Helps

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  13. I only have 300 CFMs altogether between the booster fan and in-line! I wasn't using the outside temperature as a tool, like I am now. Like I said my temps where 78° all the way up to 88° at first. Once I change the light schedule I haven't had any issues with the temps. And running my fans with the lights off helped a lot, because when I would turn my light on it would already be cool in there. So it would just make it that much easier to keep it down. Instead of turning the light on when it's hot in my room. I wait till The sun goes down until I turn my light on at 6 PM plus we just turned our clocks forward, so I just kept it on for an extra hour last night. What time of the day do you put your lights on? and are you running your fans with the lights off???

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  14. I used a little to much ducking for the booster fan. But it's pulling air, instead of pushing. It was the other way around, But I changed it. I'm not taking away to many cfms if any at all. Do you have a lot of bends in your ducking? That can take away from cfms! I'm still a beginner at this, so you might wanna look on u-tube or on here, for people who are way more Experienced then me

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  15. Yeah i got a few pics but they turned out badly due to bad camera on my phone and either too much or not enough lighting lmao but i ended up moving my whole setup into another area with more space and i ran the lights all *night* without it once going over 75 :D my silly ass should have realized my closet was simply too cramped up for that 600watters heat. i have it now blowing into a crawlspace now :p
  16. Your Good to Go

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  17. Cant wait, my man hahaha
  18. My solution = Go LED!

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  19. Yeah i was looking into them, but like i said before i literally have never grown ANYTHING and wanted to atleast see if its for me before i end up droping that kind of cash upfront. If everything goes well with a soil then a hydro grow i will probably change over to the LED. Any brand you specifically recommend?
  20. u need a good brand led. cuz cheap brands give off way more heAt. and hps or mh is impossible in ur situation

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