Just got laid for the first time!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Jake N Bake, Nov 14, 2009.

  1. K, i'm 19 and am a guy. Before tonight, i've gotten dome many times, but that's the furthest anythings gone cause' it just never felt right. You might think i'm dumb for thinking that but whatever, all I gotta say is this chick that i've been seeing for sometime now called me an hour ago and wanted to come over so I picked her up. Needless to say, I got dome on the ride back and we fucked as soon as we got here. No rubber either cause' shes on the pill. Man... this shits great. I'll be at this all night. She's stayin over and is getting a joint ready as I type. Tonight is SICK! :hello::D:smoking:
  2. hahah...enjoy brotha man
  3. lol awesome dude. sounds like a great time.
  4. Very nice I'm still waiting for my first time just hasn't felt right yet like you said.
  5. Congrats man ;)
    Let us know how your night goes.
  6. have fun and stay safe!
  7. nice dude, im working on tryin to get with this hot girl..but unfortunetly im only with one girl tonight, good ol Mary Jane haha...do work son
  8. What the fuck you on the computer for?
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    this is her, by the way...


  10. Don't be a hater! they're obviously taking a 15 minute break so they can both blog about it on forums and facebook etc.

    I hear its all the rage with kids these days.

    Cant wait to hear the twitter updates! :D
  11. We're taking a break yo. And currently passin a joint. We just went at it for nearly an hour straight.

  12. shes hawt!!

    congrats btw
  13. I'd fuck her.

    grats bro.

    But why the fuck you postin pictures of your bitch online?
    WHILE she's in your room rollin a joint..
    you should be rollin the joint while she blowin your joint if you catch my drift ;)
  14. I'd hit that.
  15. no rubber cuz of the pill...

    but what about those STD's???

    i ain't yo pops, but i'm sure you don't want the herps

  16. pics of same naked girl or it never happened.
  17. haha...nice man. always remember your first time. even if she ends up bein a complete fuckin bitch
  18. i'd hit it.. with a crowbar. Nah Just kidding props sir! Lol Shes beautiful congrats :)

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