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Just got juicy jays blueberry and a roller. How to?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Russian Roulett, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. I just got these great smelling joint papers, and a rizla roller, but the question is how the hell do i use the roller? I only hit bowls and it'll be my first time rolling from a roller. I tried handrolling a few times, it turned out okay, but I want to roll it in a hurry and still be good. Know what I mean? Thanks in advanced everyone :)
  2. OK, ill try to explain:

    Open the roller by pulling the bottom part of it down.

    Now stick the weed you want to use in it and spread it evenly.

    Now close the roller back up and use your thumbs and forefingers to roll it towards you.

    After a few rolls, the weed should be in a nice cylinder.

    Now (with the roller closed) stick a rolling paper in the roller (w/ the gum on the top and facing you) and gently roll it into the roller. Make sure the paper is going in evenly and continue to roll it a good 2 or 3 times. Open roller and voila...a perfect marijuana cigarette.
  3. Thanks. I think i know how to do it, but now when I start to roll the place where you put your herb in, starts to come apart. How do I make it stay put so I can put my herb inside?
  4. your rolling backwards.

    that is how you "eject" your finished joint.

    there's alot of different rollers.

    try to find a link with a picture of a roller similar/like your's for me to eyeball...............:eek: with my eyeballs:eek: ..............ok.:yay:
  5. See above. :)
  6. buddy....theres instructions on the link you gave us! just use that in every way it says its not very hard
  7. "fucking stoners" would have been enough
  8. Where's the instructions? I don't see it. :(

    I'm a saaaaddd Panda!

    I see where you see the instructions, but my browser doesn't load it or something.
  9. That's it naughtyneighbour. Thanks for posting. +rep for taking the time to do it.

    It's pretty hard to miss when you click on the link. Fucking stoners. lol
  10. hshahahahahahahah.... fucking classic man!

  11. ahaha rember that pinner we smoked shit was nice =D
  12. i got juicy jay blueberry's too... god they smell and taste soooo good.. most "flavored" rolling papers suck... cuz u cant taste/smell them... but juicy jays you can.. i love! hand roll that shit! nothing better than hand rolling a sweeeeeeet j... and sparking it
  13. I love my roller, its definetly useful and a great investment, it also rolls good j's, but I love the feel of handrolling my own, the sense of accomplishment when they smoke nice, and the fact that they're generally fatter and not perfectly cigarette shaped, its a nice experience. Get some rolling tobacco and work on your hand rolls man, you won't regret it.
  14. ahahah that cracked me up lol, happy tokin :smoking:
  15. Nay for juicy jays here. They taste good, but they burn fast, or is it just me? I like randys, nice slow burning with Wired.:hello:

    It is cool how you can unroll it out of the box and make as long as you want though.
  16. i double wrap them, so they burn slower, taste better, and smell sweeter!

  17. AMEN....Russian, make sure you give those juicy jay's a real good lick to seal them. Maybe even wet down the pape just a tiny bit and then run your lighter over it. Juicy jays have really crappy gum that likes to unstick a least in my own experiences.
  18. Them papers are a pain in the ass in the glue, You think you got it buttoned up and two rounds later she falling apart ...
    They dont seem to have any taste at tleast the watermellon flavor that i bought..

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