just got in a fight

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  1. and had to go to the hospitl for like 3 hours and do you know what they gave me fucking loratab only 6 of them I was there 3 hours
  2. Wow you must have got destroyed.

    What injuries did you go to the hospital for.
  3. 1 on 1?
  4. details or it didn't happen.
  5. naw it wasnt that bad I just wanted some free pain meds I got my front tooth chiped and I have a chunk cut out my lip bitch ass mother fucker sucker punched me while I was talking I was like fuck you and mid sentaqnce he hit me in the lip I want a rematch
  6. sounds like you were talking shit?
    at least you got some pain meds though.....
  7. this is the same kid who was boastin about how hard he is in the post your picture thread

  8. I didnt get knocked out we just quit fighting because some ladys said she was calling the police but he did get me better than I did him
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    last fight i got into was on friday with this dude danny. big brollic kid, i didnt think i stood a chance but i fought anyways. he comes in swinging, i block all his punches and get him right in the eye socket, wrap around him, bear hug him from behind and slam him to the floor... after rolling around of the floor, he gets me in a side headlock. i pull my head out, get behind him, and knee him in the kidney. he stood, then just fell onto his face and couldnt get up. hes pissing blood. got it all on film too... :cool:
  10. Uh... Film or it didn't happen.

    Sweet. I've never got to say anything like that before.

  11. Yep film or it didn't happen! :p

  12. I'm waiting.
  13. you promised film damnit

  14. You have it all on film. Nice!

    So what he just started pissing blood all over the place when you knocked him down?

    Or did someone follow him into the bathroom with a camera.

  15. that made me lol... hahaha thanks for that. no, he got freaked out and went to the hospital. i dont have the film, its on my friend dylan's camera. ill see if i can post it somewhere for you all... i took judo for 5 years and about to start up again, so i always take the fight to the floor. never lost a fight like that. well.... never lost period...
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    lol the kid probably pulled this on you [​IMG] 2 seconds later youre in a [​IMG]
  17. Most people cant grapple. Fights are pre easy when you can take it to the ground.

  18. yeah, im a pretty big irish dude, but im a slippery fuck when it comes to fighting. i can box my way out of shit too pretty well.
  19. you're a badass bro.

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