Just got in a car accident :(

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Kenoke, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Going 45mph on the highway, turning into the left lane...some asshole is speeding and tags me right on the left side.. We exchanged insurance information and were on our way.

    My back is killing me, my buddies backs are killing them, and I DONT HAVE WEED.

    Question for yall @ GC -

    This is my first accident, it wasn't my fault.. I filed the insurance claim -- what now?! Am I eligable for my green card? I don't want pills maaaan :(
  2. Well assuming you live in a MM state you could get it. But most likely the doctor will probably just give you some painkillers to take for a little bit. However you can still ask and he might be chill about it. If its an ongoing pain that wont go away then yea you'd be able to get it but if it is just a temporary problem most likely pain killers.
  3. typically to get a mmj card its advisable to go to a doctor that is known for prescribing weed. a lot of doctors will refuse regaurdless of the situation
  4. Uhhh buy wEed?
    Other then that idk man Im sorry tho! sending stoner love your way

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