just got in a car accident..

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  1. not major and thankfully nobody was hurt but the outcome of the situation makes me feel very uneasy on what is going to happen. if one was to see the scene, there would be no doubt that it was his fault. it might even seem that way when i explain but the way we parted way was not in my favor.

    this happened in a busy shopping center parking lot. there was Car A, Car B and Car C following each other in this order. Car A made the right into the parking lot and Car B followed in suite as well as car C but car C was not completely into the parking area. Car A made a abrupt stop because close to the entrance there was a open parking spot. Car B hit their brakes hard and avoided a collision. Car C also hit their brakes in time. Oddly Car B quickly shifted into reverse (saw reverse lights) and floored their car. in attempt to avoid a collision, car C tried to swerve to the left but because car B reveresed so fast, Car B clipped the wheel well on the right passenger side of Car C.

    Car B and C pulled over the side and the driver of B came out and was apologetic to the driver of Car C. the police state trooper finally arrived a hour thirty minutes later. the officer took both drivers licenses, registration and insurance information.

    the officer also heard both sides of the story. Car B went first and basically sugar coated what actually happened. driver of Car C disagreed to what he said and said that the driver of car B actually swung it into reverse and floored it, which caused the collision. the officer went back to his car and swapped each drivers information. he did not file a report because nobody was injured.

    the officer came back and explained what was going to happen. each driver's insurance would contact each other and figure out who was at fault. then handed each driver, their Id's and what not back. then the officer left and that concluded the scene.

    i was driver of Car C. I cannot remember the exact words of what driver B said but i am positive he said that he backed up into me, but once again i cannot remember.

    this is what blows me. the driver of Car A and its passengers came back to their car while we were waiting for the officer to print out the forms. i feel like i should've asked them to tell the officer what they saw but i failed to do that. they looked like high school kids and did not want any part of what happened because they might be some what responsible. i also feel like i should'v put up a better argument during driver B's explanation of what happened.

    my mom is telling me this is a lost cause. i will have to drive my 2011 Obsidian subaru wrx with a dent above the tire. she also said that it is pointless to contact our insurance company because since it is unclear who is at fault, my insurance rate will simply increase.

    my mom thinks it is a lost cause due to what happend to my father last winter. he was on the right side of a slight curvy slope in my neighborhood and the girl driving on the left side lost control and slide into him. at the time, she was apologetic. they exchanged information and parted ways, a officer was present as well. our insurance company called and said that we would have to pay for our damages because they could not pin point whos fault it was...

    i really dont know what to do at this point. i guess i gotta be thankful it was not a major accident and nobody was injured. it just blows me that it was clearly his fault but the system allows him to have a chance to get away with it.

    i pretty much needed to rant. im open to your thoughts as well, if u want to criticize me, please be gentle. my skin is not at its toughest right now. advice would be nice as well.

    thanks blades, i could use some good vibes too. happy holidays :wave::wave:
  2. Pics of the damage would be helpfull
  3. My first advice is to handle this yourself. Mom/dad shouldn't need to be involved anymore. If you were driving, and you were in the crash, you should handle it 100%.

    #1 - You need to understand what type of insurance coverage you have. If your Dad had to pay out of pocket for the damages then that is because he did not have Comprehensive coverage on the car. If you have Comprehensive coverage on the car, your insurance company will pay for the damages regardless of whether it is 0% or 100% your fault. You just pay the amount of your deductible.

    #2 - If the other person is at fault, you contact their insurance company. Not yours. The money should come from their insurance company because they have Collision insurance (this is the insurance coverage required by law, because it pays for the other driver's car when you are at fault).

    #3 - DOCUMENTATION. Get as many photos as possible. Get photos of the location and photos of the vehicles. Write a detailed report of what happened, and read off of that when you report it to the other insurance company. Make sure to provide them as much detail as possible. You have a start here, but you want to provide more details such as the make/model/year/color/license plate of the vehicles involved, the direction the cars were travelling (N/E/S/W), and the street you were on. The more detail the better, and the sooner the better because you're probably already missed your chance to write down or remember some of that info.

    It would be dumb to just give up and not even try to get money from the other driver's insurance company. Contact them, report the accident, and go from there.
  4. So I should at least fight this.. My thing is if I report it and don't get the money from the other drivers insurance, won't my insurance just go up?

    Was my explanation clear enough? I want to base it off that when I give his insurance a call. I did not get a picture of the damage to his car. Honestly there wasn't much, just a few scratches.

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  5. Update: his insurance company contacted me (geico). His father contacted their company about what happened. Didn't tell the story because he was not driver and the kid who hit me is as work so geico wasn't able get his statement because he's at work.

    Geico got my statement about what happened. I got the claim number and what not.

    I'm going to let my insurance company know what's going on after I eat dinner. I hope this kid doesn't try to bullshit what happened...

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