just got hooked up

Discussion in 'General' started by iceman35, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. god, just got hooked up, bought an 8th and weighed it in front of me and was 4.8 grams, paid $40. pics tomorrow. yes
  2. Damn i cant even remeber buyin eight's anymore lol.

    If thats flames thats not too bad.

    I jus got a hook-up on decent mid's for 90 a peice. Fuckin pumped. Know another guy wantin 125 for the same shit.
  3. ha...ha...ha


    im fairly new to smoking and dont smoke that much. sounds like you got a good deal
  4. Show pics and we'll know. Was it shakey? Brownish? Dark green? Lime green? Stemmy? Seedy? Ect ect.

    But i remeber those days main i miss those days main enjoy it.

    Didnt mean nothing.

    Ive been in the game for MANY a years so i know some people.

    Enjoy it up, Thas deff a fat eight.

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