Just got home .. my pipe was missing

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Clstcnnbscltvtr, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. My pipe was upstairs in my dads drawer (found it with my nose).

    I'm 22 years old. Been smoking for 4.5 years and they've been clueless until now.

    I think I'm going to tell them that I'm a supporter of Cannabis for medicinal use and I use it personally for recreation and medication (the left 30% of my upper body are skin grafts). The medication part is a stretch in my case I guess.

    Anyways .. they're super religious and I was adopted and there is all this shit that makes me and my parents very differant people. I just don't think they would understand.

    So what would you do if you were me?

    Try to reason with them? I would like to. I have two friends whos parents are very ok with their smoke intake and I feel like it's a more responsible choice than getting drunk when I want to have a good time.

    This is a brain fuck .. they didn't even say anything to me. I talked to them and THEN found my pipe missing AFTER we talked. Why didn't they say anything?

    Maybe they want me to come to them? I think I just might.

    Also, I had 1 gram of purps and about 5-6gs of dank sitting in jars next to my grinder about 1ft away from my pipe when it would have been taken from my room. Why didn't they take that shit too? It's still here - I'm smoking it now!

    Oh man, GC. This is weird for me.
  2. I wouldn't recommend going to them, because the first time for me my pipe was found as well. I noticed it was gone, but didn't say shit. After 4 months my parents came into my room, and told me they found a pipe months ago. I acted surprised, and explained to them I tried it once, and the pipe was free, and I wasn't planning on doing it again. They acted cool with it, then a month later drug tested me.
  3. Dude... They adopted you.. they seem like the kind of people who just might love you no matter what :rolleyes:

    Couldn't hurt to tell them your in a constant pain nothing else helps, make them feel better, you know...
  4. I think my dad discovered it while investigating an open window in my room.

    I feel pretty sure that I didn't leave my window up.

    Although I was too busy selling my PA system to a friend for cash monies earlier in the day and could have potentially left it up.

    I think in my subconscious I did it on purpose...

    I've been thinking heavily about disclosing my appreciation for the herb to them these last few weeks.
  5. If your 22 I think it's about time, if you intend on having any extended relationship with sweet sweet maryjane.
  6. My plans for said extended relationship involves moving out with my bestfriend since age 14. He plans to change schools after the summer then get a place near the new campus - a place we would share.

    Or move to Colorado. I have a cousin there and if I moved I could go medical easily.

  7. Then your parents should know now. It's better to not lie to them at that age, they don't have the ability to stop you... Unless you think they're possibly fanatical enough to kick you out, which would be pretty fucked...

    "Potsmoking, eh? Now you get to be fucking homeless :mad:"

    Would they say that? If not, I think it's time to have a talk..
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    My dad has threatened to kick me out of the house if I didn't go vote .................

    Which I didn't. And he didn't. But that was just the most absurd thing he's ever told me in my life.

    Vote or gtfo. Haha

    Yea, I'm expecting some heavy flak about it. If they kick me out then I have places to go but it wouldn't be a very bright future for me for the next few years.

    In an ideal world they would just accept it and forget about it. Because they know I'm responsible and mature.

    They just don't know that I'm usually feeling high and iry.
  9. its hard to give good advice for very personal shit cuz only u kno ur situation best like how ur parents are and shit.

    but personally, being 22 if i got a fuckin job and doin what im supposed to be doin i wouldnt care at all, id say aye can i have my pipe back its time to medicate. but if thats bad then yeah you should deff. explain to em why you smoke as honestly and open as possible

    people gotta open their eyes and see what weed is to us, ya kno?

    good luck man
  10. well a quick update.

    i'd taken my pipe back that same night i posted and then kept it (still have as well).

    i'm pretty sure only my dad knew. and i'm pretty sure he just doesn't care because we just got back from sunday brunch and it was as nice a one as we've ever had.

    so i guess my parents (or at least my dad) realize(s) that i'm old enough to make my own choices and that the only way he'll change MY mind about anything is by talking to me. not blowing up like he used to do.

    so even though it's still just brushed under the rug for now - things are back to normal.

    i will deffinatly tell them once i'm closer to being able to leave their house and get back out on my own.

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