Just got hit by a car on my way home : (

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    EDIT: this happened around 12:30-1 friday night.

    Yup i got hit by a fucken car while longboarding drunk. Jeep GC hit me when it was making a turn i flew over the right side of the car and did a perfect roll nearly avoiding falling on my face. normally i would have gotten up and been fine becasue im a good faller due to years of skating and surfing... but i was drunk so i just stayed down. the guy ran out of his car and paid me $300 not to call the police! The best part is i wasnt even considering sueing him (im not like that) and i only have a few cuts and a really badly bruised hip but its not broken!!!!

    The pic below is the worst of the cuts.. Not bad right?

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  2. why'd he offer you that much cash?

    there's obviously something he was hiding whether he was on the run or he was drunk too, you could have gotten more money out of him than that.

    Then again I guess you probably weren't thinking about that at the time. :p It's good you're okay though.
  3. a lawsuit would have cost him much more. Even just his insurance would have gone up, probably over $300 a year. I got in an accident (barely rear ended), i was stopped, car barely knicked me. guy got out and gave me $400 bucks and said "that should be enough to fix the scratch. Heres my number, call me if its not." There barely was a scratch... people just dont want someone calling their it in to insurance because of how the rates will skyrocket compared to a one-time $400 price

  4. Yea i probably could have gotten more but im not 21 yet and im really drunk, when he mentioned not calling the cops i was all for that but then he gave me the $ and i was even more happy. I get hurt all the time from skateing and biking so a little road rash and some bruising isnt anything new to me, shit happens and im not going to sue anyone...

    Although he may have been drunk (or drinking, obviously not as drunk as i am becasue he was driving, i was skateing)

    I meant to quote both of you but i didnt.. You get it. And btw $400 for a scratch makes my $300 for a bunch of cuts sound like i got ripped off!

  5. NOOOO

    I mean he could have gotten more than $300 ON THE SPOT probably.
  6. im about to eat some cake and pass the fuck out. Me and my $291 (i bought a cake from stop and shop after getting hit to make me feel better.)

  7. No need to be greedy IMHO. $300 seems fair to me since he clearly wasn't hurt. Looks like it works out for everyone :hello: and I'll toke to that!
  8. I assume it was cash. Shit.. be thankful he had $300 cash on him. :p
  9. you should have gotten him for at least 500 imo.

    ha the dude hit you with a fuckin car.

    idk, if you were drunk and skateboarding then police already hate you so im not sure how well pressing charges and sueing would have went.

    but i think you could have gotten 500 if he was willing to give up 3 so easily. 3 was his starting bid for your silence.

    but then again, i've been hurt more skating for free so fuck it. 300 is way better than nothing.
  10. brb running into a busy street
  11. Every thead i see about getting hit with a car seems to involve a skateboard of some type.
  12. That's fucking epic.

    Getting hit by a Jeep, then stopping to get cake?

    Dude, you're my fucking hero.
  13. Dam smellin dem benjamins will make the pain go away haha i wouldnt give a fuck if i was scratched up a lil all i would want is that money lol
  14. Hahaha, yes seems like a good way of generating revenue.
  15. Haha awesome reply. :D

    As for the OP, it sounds like a win-win for both parties. You get some nice cash for no major injuries and he saves himself the cost of his insurance skyrocketing and/or legal issues with the police.
  16. I may have felt ok last night but i woke up this morn at 9 to go surfing and my whole right side was killing me.
  17. take that 300 and put it toward buying a zip. then your side wont hurt as much :)
  18. Buy more cake.
  19. shit man, the day after an accident always hurts more.
    we got rear ended, and denied help from the emt's at the scene, but the next day my bf and i were both in a WHOLE lot of pain.
  20. lucky bish :(

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